How to avoid light pollution

How to avoid light pollution:

  • Light pollution map: on an individual level, if we want to find skies with little light pollution to enjoy the starry sky, we can turn to the light pollution maps, which show the intensity of this in each region using a color scale depending on how intense artificial lighting is at night. Most of them follow the Bortle scale, which goes from black to areas with an excellent sky (propriese only of open sea and away from the coasts) to the white for the areas of large urban centres. Intermediate levels contemplate green for good skies and orange and red for low quality skies.
  • Ascent to high peaks: with the aim of moving away from the great sources of light pollution it is common to ascend to high peaks, where a good part of the lighting of cities and towns does not arrive with all its intensity.
  • Efficient use efficient lighting systems and LED lighting technologies that minimize light waste and maximize the direction and focus of the light.
  • Proper lighting: design lighting systems that fit the specific needs of each area and minimize the emission of light outside the places where it is needed, in addition to choosing a hot light temperature.
  • Hours and regulations: Establish adequate hours for outdoor lighting, turning off unnecessary lights during hours of less activity. It is also important to implement regulations and policies that promote the responsible use of lighting, limiting the intensity of light, orientation and ignition times.

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