8 Causes of Global Warming and Required Solutions

Global Warming is the process of increasing the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere, sea and land. This greenhouse gas occurs due to the burning of petroleum. Coal fuel and also burning natural gas. All of these things cause the reflected heating not to be transmitted to outer space, but back to earth.

Causes of global warming

Following are some of the causes of global warming:

Rising Greenhouse Gases

This greenhouse gas occurs due to the burning of petroleum. Coal fuel and also burning natural gas. All of these things cause the reflected heating not to be transmitted to outer space, but back to earth. The most influential gas is carbodiocide,

Air Pollution Due to Gasoline Fuel

Engine fuel from motor vehicles, cars and other vehicles produces carbodioside gas. The presence of this gas means that heat cannot be transmitted out into space, so the heat will settle on earth.

Greenhouse effect

This greenhouse effect means that heat on earth cannot be reflected into space but is trapped in the atmosphere. Actually, this greenhouse effect can be beneficial for human life. However, if it is excessive it will have an effect on the climate and weather on earth.

There is excessive use of CFCs

You need to know that CFC is a chemical that is produced for various household appliances such as air conditioners or coolers and refrigerators.

There is deforestation

Forests are one of the sources of carbon dioxide on earth. If the forest becomes more and more denuded, the longer it takes for carbohydrates to be reduced, the longer it will be able to reduce it.

There is methane pollution due to livestock, agriculture and plantations.

Apart from carbohydrates, the biggest role in causing global warming is methane. The presence of methane gas comes from bacteria that lack oxygen to break down organic materials. Apart from that, it is also due to excessive fertilization.

To overcome the impact of global warming, several things are needed that can overcome it. Here are some ways to overcome global warming.


This is one way to deal with excessive carbon dioxide. This tree is very useful for absorbing carbon dioxide. If there are more trees, it is possible that global warming can also be overcome. You also need to know that one tree can absorb around one ton of carbon dioxide as it grows.

Inviting Others to Save Energy

One way to overcome global warming is to turn off lights that are no longer in use. Apart from that, you can also turn off computers that are not in use, turn off televisions and video players that are not in use.

Buying Foods That Save Energy

As with buying household appliances, choose energy-efficient models. For example, you buy a CFL/Compact lamp. This lamp produces more energy efficient than ordinary lighting lamps, but the light produced is also bright.

Reducing Private Vehicles

Now many people have private vehicles, even one family can have two or three cars. Not only that, there are additional motorbikes too. So the more private vehicles you use, the more pollution will be caused. Not only that, traffic jams will also increase.

Global warming does not cause extreme winters

For a few years now, we have been observing how in various places around the world storms are occurring in winter that have not been seen for quite some time.

For example, last winter there was a significant cold wave that hit the eastern United States in a way that had rarely been seen before. And there were many voices that attributed the arrival of these extreme temperatures to climate change.

However, a recent study has shown that global warming not only does not cause cold waves, but can actually cause the opposite effect.

Global warming

It has been scientists from ETH Zurich and the California Institute of Technology who have shown that climate change cannot cause extreme temperatures during the winter, but what it usually does is reduce the variation in temperatures throughout the year. .

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