What are cellular organelles and their characteristics

What are cellular organelles and their characteristics

The organelles or organelles of cells are the equivalent of organs in the body. That is, they are small components that carry out the functions of a cell . Thanks to these organelles, the cell subdivides activities. Each one is specialized to fulfill their respective functions.

As we mentioned, these organelles are inside the cell. In turn, they are suspended above the cytoplasm , a watery substance that supports them. Another important characteristic is that the organelles are delimited from the outside by a membrane , grouping them all within the cell. Thanks to this membrane we can distinguish between the extracellular and intracellular content, where the organelles are.

Cells can vary from one to another, depending on the organelles they have or lack, and this is how we have two large groups that are distinguished by a particular organelle:

Prokaryotic cells: they lack a nucleus that encompasses the genetic material. Bacteria and archaea have this type of cell.

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