What is cell biology and what does it study?

What is cell biology and what does it study?

Cellular biology is a scientific discipline that belongs to biology and whose object of study is what is considered the elemental unit of life , that is, the cell itself, as well as its exchanges of energy and matter with its environment, their intra and intercellular communication systems.

In other words, cell biology studies the nature and behavior of cells . It is also known as cytology , although it is an increasingly obsolete term, but it is worth knowing because it is frequently found in health articles.

It includes both the study of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells , since both types share the same level of cellular organization. Some of the most frequent topics of study are cellular regulation, the structures that make up cells, their signaling systems, their life cycle and their development.

Associated with cell biology are laboratory techniques, methodologies and instrumentation common to other disciplines such as, for example, cell staining, immunocytochemical techniques, use of microscopes, etc.

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