5 Examples of biotechnology

Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary science that fits within biology as a mother science , but that combines concepts and methodologies from other classical sciences such as chemistry and physics. In general terms, biotechnology is any technological application related to living organisms , whether this relationship is due to the direct use of biological systems or indirect.

Examples of biotechnology

If we take a quick tour of the daily routines of most people, we come across a multitude of examples behind which there is a biotechnological development:

  • When eating breakfast, we often drink milk or milk products that have been produced thanks to the applications of yellow and brown biotechnology. It also applies to vegetable drinks or milks , whose production is optimized by yellow and green biotechnology.
  • When we brush our teeth we are probably also using a product developed thanks to biotechnology, since many toothpastes contain diatom skeletons as an abrasive agent, where blue biotechnology comes into play.
  • If we travel to our place of work or study by public transport, in many cities around the world the buses use biofuel , so white biotechnology would be participating in this moment of our day.
  • When we buy a drink from a coffee machine on our break, the plastic or laminated paper cup has been produced thanks to the contributions of white biotechnology.
  • During mealtime, the foods we eat are closely related to yellow, green and brown biotechnology. Here you can read about Human Nutrition .
  • Once at home, it would not be unusual to take medication to deal with headaches or stress generated at work or other situations. Once again, this is an example of the usefulness of biotechnology, specifically red biotechnology.
  • The shampoo, body wash and moisturizing creams that we use during or after showering have been produced thanks to white biotechnology.
  • These are just some examples of common use of products developed thanks to biotechnology, but apart from our daily lives, biotechnology has many more applications and uses.

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