What bioindicators are

What bioindicators are

Bioindicators are living organisms that develop within specific parameters and variables, which serve to know the state of an area or to determine the quality of some resource. These characteristics are variables that can be modified, in the face of which the bioindicator will behave differently, and this is what will be interpreted to determine the conditions of the space. This difference in behaviour should be considered to include even the disappearance of the body.

They are usually used to analyze levels of disturbance and environmental quality. Bioindicators also serve to know the effects of physicochemical variation on living organisms, and the risks that may exist due to the presence of non-optimal conditions.

In addition to analyzing how the bioindicator behaves in the face of variations, it is also possible to quantify the number of pollutants they have managed to incorporate within them. In this type of use they are called biomonitors. They differ from bioindicators because these are qualitative analysis, while biomonitor is used to obtain quantitative information.

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