4 Android applications for scientists

Nowadays we can find smartphone applications for practically all areas. And that of science and research logically could not be less. Most of us know the most common apps for leisure, but there are many others that can help us improve our knowledge.

Today we are going to make a selection of the best apps for those for whom science is both a hobby and a profession, and who think that their Android terminals are for more than just sending WhatsApp.


As you may have imagined from its title, this application is intended to calculate the times of the work we are doing in the laboratory. Those who dedicate themselves, above all, to chemistry, will know that leaving a compound in the heat or in reaction for longer than necessary can cause months of work to go to waste, so having the time perfectly controlled is essential. This app works as an alarm that will tell us when we have to make the corresponding changes in the different steps of the process we are working on.


A scientific calculator is a practically essential item for any scientist or science student. When we went to school or university it was essential to always carry one, but now it is possible to find it in the form of an application for our smartphone or tablet. Although this is one of the most recommended, the truth is that in the Google Play Stores there are a large number of applications to perform calculations, so you can compare the features of each of them until you find the one that best suits what you need. you need.


Remembering all the properties of the elements in the periodic table has never been an easy task. And since memorizing them is practically impossible and carrying a book with you can be a little uncomfortable, here we present an application for Android with which you can find all the information you need about each of these elements, from their valences to their atomic weight, from so you don’t have to learn them by heart.

Essential Anatomy 3

If you are dedicated to medicine or any other field related to anatomy, we present you the most complete application that you can find in this sector.

In this app you can find all the parts of the body with 3D graphics, in addition to the most common medical problems that can affect each of them. If you are a medical student, this application is practically essential for you, but it is so complete that it is even used by many professionals in the health sector. Of course, we must keep in mind that it is a high-quality app, and as such it has a price of 17.99 euros. One of the best Android apps about anatomy.

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