Games in the snow

We don’t experience that often with snow for weeks in a row. In some places there are probably as many snowmen as there are inhabitants. For children it is just enjoyment. They do not yet suffer from a ‘slip hazard’. They can play outside for hours and, especially in a group, the ideas are numerous. For the children who have played so much in the snow that they no longer remember; here are a few more snow ideas.

  • Dress up snowmen
  • Footprints Abominable Snowman
  • Make a slide
  • Sliding on garbage bag
  • Throwing snow bags
  • Great Wall of Snow
  • Snowball treat
  • North Pole in the bath
  • Snowball relay

Dress up snowmen

Making snowmen remains fun! Whether they are big or small, fat or thin, lonely or in a whole group; they are something to cheer about. If you want to dress up your snowman, there are many options. Real hats, scarves and brooms always look beautiful. Below are a few more ideas.

  • How about a snow bride? Pull out an old pink or light blue sheet and drape it around your snow bride. Attach the head with a beautiful snow crown. Of course we still need a groom!
  • Groom or penguin: Cut open a garbage bag, wrap the piece of plastic around the doll and stuff the top between the head and torso. Cut points at the back to make it look like a fancy tailcoat. That black on white immediately looks good. For a penguin beak you can use two winter carrots instead of one. Make sure you clean up the garbage bag when the snowman melts, of course!
  • Girl snowmen with long flowing hair: Cut a plastic bag (white?) open on one of the sides and at the bottom. Now you have a large piece of plastic that you can cut to a little way from the edge. All those strips are the hair; place the long side around the head and secure it firmly with a layer of snow. You can also make a tail in it, for example!
  • A giant hedgehog is fun to make when you are in the woods: Make a huge mound of snow with a pointed shape on one side; the hedgehog snout. Now find as many sticks and twigs as possible and stick them all in. Add some nice shiny black stones for eyes and your giant porcupine is ready.
  • Snow snake: it’s a lot of work, but how about a very long, winding snow snake? The head is a bit thicker of course, two eyes and then a forked twig for a tongue. You could draw beautiful ‘snakeskin’ patterns in it with a stick.

Footprints abominable snowman

Cut two large feet with creepy, pointy toes from an old cardboard box. It is difficult to cut, perhaps you can ask for help. Poke two holes in it, not too close to the edge, and thread a piece of string or an old lace through them. Now you can tie the cardboard feet under your shoes. Walk in the fresh snow and make your steps as long as possible, of course. You will become the terror of the neighborhood! Maybe you can wrap some plastic wrap around the cardboard, then the feet will probably last longer.

Make a slide

Find a suitable place for a nice long slide. Not on a sidewalk, because then other people could slip on it, of course. Throw down a lot of snow one after the other and rake or sweep it nice and smooth until you have a kind of path. Now tamp down and start sliding. The more often you slide, the smoother the slide becomes. If it freezes at night, you can throw some water over it in the evening and there will be a layer of ice on it the next day. And then just try to stay on your feet. Maybe it would be useful to stick a flag in a pile of snow at the start of the ice rink? Then everyone immediately knows that they need to be careful!

Sliding on garbage bag

Don’t have a sled and still want to zip down the hill? Then sit on a garbage bag and hold the points between your legs. Going pretty well. If you put an old pillow in it, it will still be soft!

Throwing snow bags

Place some snow in a plastic shopping bag. Swing it around a few times and try to throw it as high or as far as possible. Fun to have a throwing competition if you have different bags.

Great Wall of Snow

Plastic containers from the Chinese, for example, are nice molds for making snow bricks. Tamp the snow well before turning the container upside down. This way you can make walls and snow houses. If you work with a whole class, you can complete the Great Wall of China in no time!

Hiding surprise in snow

Nice snowball treat: hide a wrapped candy bar or something similar in a snowball. Curious what it is? Wait until the snow melts, or smash it, of course. You can also hide a present at this time in a jar of snow or in a giant snowball. Looks beautiful and makes you so curious. With a group of children it is fun to hide an object in a box of snow, take turns guessing what it will be and then wait to see who was right.

North Pole in the bath

If for some reason you can’t go outside while there is snow, just bring it inside. A few buckets of snow in the bathtub, in the sink or in an inflatable pool. Play animals, dinosaurs in the Ice Age, or polar bears at the North Pole, for example. Small containers to use as molds. Get on your knees for it. Younger children should be warned about melting, otherwise there can be great sadness when the beautifully built world slowly disappears.

Passing snowball relay

Fun with larger groups of children. Make two large, sturdy snowballs and have a few spare balls ready. Divide the group into two equal teams. At the starting signal, they may pass or throw the ball within their own team. Who will get the snowball to the last player first? If the ball breaks, start over! If you have a whole mountain of snowballs, you can play the same game but about the quantity; Who has transferred the most snowballs in one minute?

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