Cape Town, from VOC port to popular holiday destination

Cape Town is the city in South Africa that is full of tourist attractions. Whether you are looking for culture or nature, water sports or sunbathing, history or entertainment, there is something for everyone in Cape Town. In and around Cape Town there are a number of interesting sights that are well worth a visit.

More about Cape Town

Cape Town is located in the extreme southwest of South Africa and is the second largest city in this enormous country in terms of population after Johannesburg. Cape Town has existed for a long time and has been visited by Dutch people for centuries. The first European colony was founded here by the Dutch in 1652. When ships in the past had to sail around the Cape of Good Hope during their journey to the east, the Cape Town region served as a port where ships moored to stock up on provisions, to tranship if necessary and to relax the crew. Cape Town is still visited for business reasons, but is also a popular city, like the region around it, to visit for several days or longer.

The weather in Cape Town

Since Cape Town is located in the southern hemisphere, it is winter when it is summer in the Netherlands and vice versa. Due to its location near the Atlantic and Indian oceans, the summers are not very hot and the winters are quite mild. In winter the temperature is warmer than in the Netherlands, but there is often quite a lot of rain in this season. In fact, you can visit Cape Town all year round, although Cape spring and summer are perhaps the most pleasant for a city trip. However, South Africa as a whole has several climate zones and many visitors to Cape Town take a tour through the whole of South Africa. If the wildlife parks are also part of the trip, it is best to base the most suitable travel period in terms of climate on this.

Climb Table Mountain

Table Mountain is almost 1100 meters high and, together with the nature reserve around it, it is one of Cape Town’s most popular attractions. You can climb Table Mountain, but you can also take a cable car to the top or the plateau to enjoy a spectacular view of the surroundings, provided the weather is clear of course! You can also walk one of the more than 300 hiking trails. Be sure to take a jacket with you, because it is significantly colder than in the city and it can also be quite windy.

Find history, culture and nature on Robben Island

Robben Island is located more than 10 kilometers off the coast of Cape Town and many excursions and trips are offered to this island. In the golden age, Robben Island was already a Dutch prison, but its greatest fame as a prison arose when anti-apartheid fighters such as Nelson Mandela were held there. In 1991, when Nelson Mandela was released, the prison as such closed its gates permanently. A special detail of a visit to Robben Island is that the tours are often led by ex-prisoners. In addition to Robben Island’s fame due to the presence of Pollsmoor Prison, the area is also known for its special nature. Many seals live there, hence the name of the island, and rare birds. In 1999, Robben Island was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Cape Town area

Also take a day out in the Cape Town area. Visit the vineyards, lie on one of the lovely white beaches with palm trees or visit an authentic fishing village. You can book a sightseeing tour in the area through a tourist office, but you can also rent a car and explore the area on your own for a day.

Nightlife and relaxation in Cape Town

Cape Town is a modern city with many options for going out and relaxing in the evenings. The following areas are popular.

Victoria & Albert Waterfront

This area is also called Waterfront for short and is the former port area that can be considered one of the country’s biggest tourist attractions. The atmosphere is always lively and you will find countless cafes, bars, restaurants, street performers, live music and shops.

City Bowl

City Bowl in the center of Cape Town is an area with good nightlife, especially on Long Street.

Camps Bay

This is a neighborhood located on the beach of the Atlantic Ocean with a boulevard where there is always something to do.

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