The Efteling, a wonderful fairytale land

The Efteling changes its name in the winter to De Winterefteling, but it remains a wonderful fairytale land in all seasons. The many attractions including The Flying Dutchman, Dream Flight, Haunted Castle, Bird Skirt are discussed in this article. Holiday park Efteling Bosrijk recently opened its doors.

In short, an informative tour of all the attractions of De Efteling. The history goes back to the 1930s, but Efteling officially opened its doors on May 31, 1952. At that time it was an amusement park aimed at children up to 12 years old. Over time, Efteling has grown into a full-fledged amusement park for both children and their parents. Even grandparents have a great time at Efteling.

The Fairytale Forest, The Flying Dutchman, Dream Flight, Villa Volta, the Python, Fata Morgana, these are just a few of the many attractions that Efteling has to offer. The Pegasus roller coaster was recently demolished because it could not go together with the Efteling Bosrijk holiday park, which was opened next to the Efteling park.

A new attraction is being built where the Pegasus once stood that fits into this picture. Efteling has received several awards, including the 1972 award for the best recreational park in Europe and the 1992 Applause Award for the best amusement park in the world.

The park

The Efteling is divided into four realms. There are the Ruigrijk, Reizenrijk, Marerijk and Anderrijk. Ruigrijk, the name says it all, here you will find the rougher attractions such as roller coasters and the largest rocking ship in the world. In the Travel Kingdom you can find attractions such as the Carnival Festival, Monsieur Cannibale, the Pagoda and of course the Vogelrok. The latter is a roller coaster located in the dark. The Marerijk is the part where there are carousels, but also the breathtaking Dream Flight, the cursed house Villa Volta, the people of Laaf and of course the Fairytale Forest. In the fourth and final realm, the Anderrijk, you can find attractions such as the Fata Morgana, PyraƱa, Panda Dream, the Spookslot and the Bobbaan.

Attractions in the Ruigrijk

D’Oude Tuffer

An attraction aimed at the younger visitors of Efteling. The old timers race along the 600 meter long track at a speed of 6.5 km/h.

The Flying Dutchman

I will sail, even if it is until eternity! For this spectacular roller coaster you step into a boat where it is not only the roller coaster part that is impressive. Everything that happens after boarding is also an adventure in itself. The Flying Dutchman has a top speed of 70 km/h and a capacity of approximately 1900 people per hour. Minimum length is 1.20 meters. People with long legs can also sit comfortably in this attraction. Not opened during Winter Efteling and when it is freezing.

Game Gallery

Here you can play games such as throwing balls, catching ducks and pulling string with the opportunity to win prizes consisting mainly of plush animals.


A huge rocking ship for people who dare to be lifted out of their chair while rocking. De Halve Maan is also closed during Winter Efteling and when it freezes.

Polka Marina

An attraction for all ages. It is a carousel in which you sail over the choppy waves in boats. A popular attraction with the younger crowd.


The Python is a roller coaster with two loops and two corkscrews, so you will roll over four times in total. The track is 750 meters long and the ride takes about 140 seconds. The Python is also closed during Winter Efteling and when it freezes. Minimum length is 1.20 meters. No maximum height is indicated, but people over two meters may be better off skipping this attraction because it is no longer comfortable due to the brackets over the shoulders, which means there is a chance that the person will have to slump slightly in their seat. With an attraction like the Python, this is certainly not good for the lower back. During the Winter Efteling, the Children’s Winter Wonderland (playing on bouncy castles and sliding on a large tire down a slope with snow and the opportunity for a snack and a drink) and the cross-country ski track ‘t Hijgend Hert can also be found in the Ruigrijk.

Attractions in the Travel Kingdom

Adventure maze

Find your way through this exciting children’s maze. Especially for children up to 1.50 meters tall and possibly their parents.

Carnival Festival

A journey of 8t minutes through 15 different countries. An attraction that the smaller Efteling visitor likes to do several times. Characteristic of Carnaval Festival is the music that stays in your head for the rest of the day.


A 20-minute cruise in automatic boats.


A playground for the smallest Efteling visitors

Monsieur Cannibale

Take a seat in one of Monsieur Cannibale’s rotating cooking pots. A fun attraction for the whole family. After all that turning, be careful when getting out.


Take a seat in this flying Thai temple and enjoy a beautiful view of the Efteling park and the surrounding area from a height of 45 meters. Possible for all ages.


A spectacular roller coaster in the dark. Scary, exciting and fun at the same time. The minimum length to participate in the Vogelrok is 1.20 meters. People around two meters tall can also use this attraction with some measuring and adjusting, although it is certainly not comfortable. During the Winter Efteling you also have the Ice Palace here . An indoor ice rink where you can enjoy skating. Ice skates can be rented by the hour.

Attractions in the Marerijk

Carousels Anton Pieck Plein

Take a spin on old-fashioned merry-go-rounds or on the whirligig.


A covered space with a miniature landscape and trains driving around in it.

Dream flight

Take a breathtaking journey through the world of elves and trolls. Fly past planets and get to know this wonderful world. A 6 minute journey. This attraction is suitable for all ages. The Dream Flight is currently the most visited attraction at Efteling.

Fairytale forest

Anyone who knows Efteling knows the Fairytale Forest. Find your way through this forest containing 26 well-known fairy tales. Some of them are Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Lady Hollow, the Indian Water Lilies, Little Red Riding Hood, Rumpelstiltskin and many more. The Fairytale Forest also has an open-air theater where performances of the Fairytale Tree are given.

Steam carousel

This carousel is more than 100 years old and is located in a covered area. It’s more of a carousel for adults than for children.

Steam train

Take a ride with the Efteling Steam Train Company. This train makes a ride around the entire amusement park. There are stations at the Droomvlucht and at the Polka Marina.

Villa Volta

This house. This damned house, it’s like hell. Hugo van den Loonsche Duynen will never find peace in this house. Villa Volta is a spectacular attraction where up is down and down is up.

People of Laaf

The People of Laaf have lived at Efteling since 1990. Take a walk through Lavenlaar and see how the Laven live, work, go to school and what childcare looks like. Above Lavenlaar you can take a snail ride on the monorail.

Water organ

The water organ has been at Efteling since 1966. The water organ consists of fountains that dance to music.

Attractions in the Anderrijk

Bob track

Go down the bobsleigh track at a top speed of 60 km/h. A fun attraction for the whole family. People around two meters tall can also fit their legs into the bobsleigh. The Bobbaan is closed during Winter Efteling and when it freezes.


Take a boat trip through the Forbidden City from the 1001 Nights fairy tales. Fata Morgana is an exciting journey through a mysterious Eastern country. The Fata Morgana is open all year round and suitable for the entire family.

Panda Dream

In the Panda Dream you travel along in the dream of a panda in which you see in 3D how beautiful nature is, from the North Pole to the oceans and the jungle. The Panda Dream is open all year round.


The Pirana is a whitewater river where you are carried along by the current over a length of 350 meters, past four rapids and four waterfalls. There is a good chance that the boat will take on some water along the way. This attraction is suitable for the whole family. The Pirana is closed during the Winter Efteling.

Ghost lock

In the Spookslot you will witness a 15-minute show in which ghosts and skeletons play the leading role. Dancing to music it is a beautiful but also somewhat scary spectacle. The Spookslot is open all year round and is worth a visit for the whole family. As in all places where it is busy and dark, pay attention to your personal belongings. During Winter Efteling there is also the Bavarian Market . Here you can warm up and have something to drink or eat.

Theater Efteling

Immediately upon entering the Efteling Park is the Efteling Theater. Performances are given in this theater. These are mainly musicals. The performances can be visited for free upon presentation of the Efteling entrance ticket. The Applaus Theater Restaurant is also located in this theater building.

Stay overnight

You can spend the night in the Efteling Hotel and Efteling Bosrijk. Visitors to the Efteling Hotel can enter the Efteling via a side entrance. Instead of the main entrance, this side entrance ends close to the Vogelrok. The Efteling Hotel has rooms decorated with themes from the Efteling. In the Efteling Bosrijk holiday park it is possible to rent a house where you can enjoy peace and quiet. The holiday park is located next to the Efteling, so you will be in the Efteling Park in no time. Booking is easy to do online via the Efteling website.

Pardon the Magician

Pardoes is a so-called magic jester and the face of Efteling. He is therefore often present in the park. If he is not alone, he is with Princess Pardina, better known as Princess Pardijntje. Pardoes was born in 1989.

Opening hours and crowds

For information about the opening hours of Efteling and Winter Efteling, the best place is the Efteling website itself, A useful tool for planning a day at Efteling is the so-called Busy Days Calendar. The expected crowds are indicated on this calendar. Both Efteling and Winter Efteling guarantee a day of wonderful enjoyment and dreaming about all the fairytales and beautiful attractions. For the daredevils there is also plenty to work on the adrenaline rush.

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