Single travel Malaysia from Fox

Fox’s singles trip to Malaysia has many highlights. Fox has a fairly unique concept where singles or single people can travel together to a large number of destinations. Each destination has its own charm and its own advantages. In this article the single trip to Malaysia. During this single trip to Malaysia from Fox, there is a lot of sailing and nature plays a leading role.

Joint check-in

Malaysia is a fairly western country that is a 12-hour flight from the Netherlands. On Fox’s singles trips, the entire group always checks in together, but that does not mean that all 20 travelers walk through the airport one after the other like a swan. The first contacts are often made at the check-in desk and people either go shopping or eat alone or in small groups before actually boarding the plane. Fox flies to Malaysia with Malaysian Airlines. There are better airlines, but undoubtedly also worse ones. The disadvantage of traveling together is that it is not possible to check in at home and can therefore choose a place that the traveler wants. Definitely a point of attention for Fox, but in 2009 it is not yet possible to choose your own seat.

Landing in Kuala Lumpur after 12 hours of flying

When the 12-hour flight journey has ended, travelers arrive at the immense Kuala Lumpur airport. The singles then arrive at customs and their suitcases via a train and are met by Fox’s tour guide. Naturally, a tour guide makes or breaks a trip, but Fox can generally rely on very good tour leaders and local guides who know everything about the country and provide the traveler with advice and assistance. (Don’t forget the tip. The misunderstanding is that these people get paid a lot, but that is not the case at all. Give generously if it has been good. Often such a generous gift is no more than an evening without drinking and for them it saves their lives).

Enjoy a drink in Malacca

Once on the bus, the journey starts to Malacca, a port with many Dutch elements. Although almost everyone always wants to go to sleep after such a long and tiring journey, it is just daytime in Malaysia. So just go with the program and explore Malacca. That’s just the best. The first introduction is to the bicycle taxis manned by local gentlemen. These bicycle taxis are also so decorated that it is a wonder for the eyes. In Malacca, all elements of Malaysia are actually already visible. Buddhism, the Chinese, Islam (Malaysia is an Islamic country), and the influences of the Netherlands and Portugal. Naturally, on that first day you will also be introduced to the local cuisine. After that tour, the singles can do their own thing in and around the luxury hotel or in the surrounding area. Malacca has a number of shopping centers where it is nice to stay. Not yet as busy as in Kuala Lumpur, but a good way to get used to it. You can have a nice drink on the hotel terrace or in the surrounding area.

Modern Kuala Lumpur

On the second day (often after a night of little sleep because of the jet lag) we travel to Kuala Lumpur. A world city with the famous twin towers, a huge number of malls, Chinatown where, in addition to a lot of food, you can also buy a lot of fake clothing, fake bags and other counterfeit items. A kind of city train runs through the city that takes the traveler everywhere. s The journey immediately takes you past a number of sights such as the National Museum where the entire history of Malaysia can be seen and the Royal Palace. At that Palace you can mainly see the guards, but the palace at a distance is also worth seeing. The most impressive is a visit to the Batu Caves. This Hindu temple is guarded by a huge golden statue. All kinds of temples around it where Hindus pray and meet each other. Moreover, hundreds of stairs lead to the actual caves, which also contain the most beautiful images of the Hindu gods. Monkeys play all over the square and holy men feed them. Special place during the trip. In the evening the entire group goes to a restaurant with a view of the Twin Towers (Petronas Towers), where a cultural show is also held. Naturally, there are often nice drinks in the evening. This is possible at the hotel, but there are also nice clubs nearby with an international audience, but also with locals.

Enjoy strolling through Kuala Lumpur

The fourth day of the trip is a day off and travelers can indulge in shopping, get a massage, have their feet nibbled by fish that eat calluses or take another ride through China Town. Sometimes the itinerary is changed a bit and the days are a bit mixed up, depending on the weather and demand from the participants.

Taman Negara Nature Reserve

The highlight of the trip to Malaysia for me personally was the stay in the Taman Negara nature reserve. This is the oldest jungle in Malaysia. The traveling party must leave most of their belongings on the bus and pack a travel bag with the essentials. Because those bags go first on the fast pointy longtail boat. The nice thing is that we travel from what looks like a kind of train station in Tembeling. The foxxies, as they are sometimes called by the tour guides, are often allowed to have dinner at this location before the ride starts. The food there is prepared by local people, but everything they make is simply good. It seems like there is no bad food in Malaysia.

In 3 hours in the jungle in a real jungle resort

A 3-hour drive (make sure you go to the toilet beforehand) shows what life is like along the waterfront. Beautiful sight, but a raincoat is not an unnecessary luxury. The bow water can also sometimes provide nice surprises. When you arrive at the jungle hotel in the middle of the jungle, a nice surprise awaits you, because the houses there are more than cute and are located in beautiful surroundings. Everything is focused on nature and nature conservation and the houses are made of natural materials. Keep doors and windows closed, because the monkeys roam freely on the grounds and insects also love the entrance. By the way, the houses have everything, albeit a little more primitive. There are showers, a toilet with running water and even air conditioning. The park also has a spa where people can enjoy a wonderful massage or other treatment. Just a walk through the area makes it clear how beautiful it is in that part of Malaysia. The nature is overwhelming and the silence majestic. This becomes even clearer when a little tracking is made through the jungle. In wet weather, wear very good shoes, because there is a significant risk of falling. The path is also filled with tree stumps and other natural obstacles.

Visiting the Orang Asli

During this ride, a guide tells everything about what the original population uses in terms of resources from nature and also shows some of it. Natural soap, natural make-up, medicines, they are plentiful. A visit to the same original population also bears witness to this. They use everything that nature offers and show this to the travelers. It does seem that these people have been elevated to a kind of attraction, because they dress up in Western clothing especially for this purpose, while they normally walk around naked. It becomes very clear that they live primitively and they also show how they shoot monkeys (their food) and make fire.

A tracking through the Taman Negara – clean clothes are not superfluous

After that tracking (after which some people really need clean clothes or just have to keep the dirty ones they were already wearing) you can eat in the restaurant at the resort or one of the restaurants in the boats across the street. This is often followed by another boat trip, but this time to a place further away where you can swim in a rapid. Great experience when the current carries you to the other side. First you have to walk through the same jungle again. And of course it is not a real seaside resort with cubicles, so clambering over the rocks and stones and then getting back into your clothes with a wet bathing suit is part of it. Not a problem, because it is always warm there. Then a somewhat quiet trip through the alternately fast-flowing and then calm water.

Night walk through the jungle

After all that beauty, a night walk is also an option. The travelers then go at night and, if the weather permits (too many people on a too humid earth after a lot of rain disrupts everything, but also causes accidents), they learn what lives in the jungle of Tamara Negara. After all that beauty, it is good to have a drink at the bar of the hotel resort.

Cameron Highlands – the tea plantations and strawberries

From Tamara Negara, the journey continues to the Cameron Highlands after a 2-day stay. An extra coat or sweater is not an unnecessary luxury, because the much higher Cameron Highlands have a fairly cool climate. On the way to that destination, a fruit market is visited, which makes it clear what kind of delicacies Malaysia has to offer. The strawberries (!) are especially delicious. There are many strawberry greenhouses in the area that produce delicious summer strawberries, just like in the Netherlands. The hotel in Cameron Highlands is magnificent by the way. Built in British colonial style, as is often found in Sri Lanka. With a bathroom in the middle of the room and a kind of loft with a view of the entire area. (At least when it’s not foggy). And in the attic the prayer direction for Muslims and in the cupboards near the bed a book about Buddha. This hotel also has a beautiful spa, where ladies from Bali give the famous Balinese massages, but also other treatments. The Cameron Highlands are mainly known for their tea plantations and a drive there shows that entire mountain slopes are full of these shrubs. You can also see how the local population has created villages and how the harvest takes place. In the local tea factory, the singles can see how the tea is dried and processed. Furthermore, a visit to a kind of botanical garden with all kinds of animals is on the program. The most beautiful butterflies fly around there, but snakes, scorpions, turkeys, iguanas and other animals are also exhibited there. There is not much to do in the village at Cameron Highlands, but you can enjoy beautiful cycling trips. The hotel also has a very nice disco where many people stay until the early hours and a real karaoke department where you can enjoy singing. The hotel also has 2 different restaurants, one with good Indonesian and the other with Western cuisine.

Singles in Georgetown (Penang)

After 2 days in the quite cool climate of the Cameron Highlands, the journey continues to Penang. The capital of Penang is Georgetown and that is also where the trip goes. There is a beautiful Buddhist temple complex in Georgetown. This complex will of course be visited during the Fox trip. A guide explains what Buddhism means, what the difference is between the Chinese laughing Buddha and what we see as the traditional Buddha and what all the different Buddha statues represent. This temple in Georgetown is a Chinese temple and has several Buddha statues, unlike, for example, a Sri Lankan Buddhist temple. By the way, Georgetown is also a very nice city for shopping and delicious food because it has many different local restaurants. The city even has a kind of slum that can also be visited if a guide is present. Another special feature is the Street of Harmony, which not only houses a Buddhist temple, but also a mosque, churches and a Hindu temple. The hotel in Georgetown is also very luxurious with beautiful marble floors and lots of entertainment in the evening, mainly by Thai singers. (One of which is a man on stage as a woman).

With the hovercraft to Langkawi

After Penang, which is also a shopper’s paradise and where most souvenirs can actually be bought, we head towards Langkawi. The journey there is by a kind of hovercraft. With rough weather, this also means rough seas and that often means people throwing up. So those who cannot handle the moving sea very well are better off covering the distance by plane. This is optional. When the weather is nice, the boat trip is fantastic. Travelers can sit on the back and above the deck if the weather permits. After a journey of approximately 3 hours, the tropical island of Langkawi is reached. A beautiful island with lots of greenery, beautiful views and a lovely beach. The beach houses in the last hotel are also adorable. Small, but fully equipped. The Seashell CafĂ©, located on the beach, is a wonderful place to drink and dance together in the evening. In addition, a band performs every evening. The prices for alcoholic drinks in this paradise are also much lower than at the other locations, so that a heavy night out is less hard on the wallet. In the village a little further away there are very nice restaurants such as a tapas restaurant. Overlooking the harbor where multi-million dollar yachts are moored. In Langkawi, travelers can also optionally go diving or snorkeling. Another recommendation is the mangrove tour. We travel to a mangrove (by boat of course) and there the travelers receive all the information about the ins and outs of that mangrove along the way and at the location itself. Moreover, delicious food is served. The last days in Langkawi are also intended to rest a bit from the rest of the tour. Although the trip to Malaysia is not one that completely exhausts people, after 10 days and jet lag it is wonderful to relax on the beach for a few more days and explore the area a bit. Extension is also possible.

Back home after a singles trip

Once the regular trip is over or the extension is over, travelers will be taken back to Langkawi airport to take an hour-long flight to Kuala Lumpur. Unfortunately, this journey is often delayed and travelers are often stranded. Taking some extra items in your hand luggage as a precaution is therefore not an unnecessary luxury. Due to this delay, some people have to wait a day to catch their international flight to Amsterdam. Malaysian Airlines will provide a hotel, but this is far outside Kuala Lumpur. It is possible to enter the city again with a special taxi from the hotel, but this must all be paid for yourself. Once on the plane to the Netherlands, it takes another 12 hours to get home. It is a night flight, so the travelers arrive again at 6:30 am. It is common for participants to leave on different days. People who have not booked an extension leave earlier than people with an extension. And some stay an extra day, others 2 days and others up to 6 days. In such cases the company suddenly falls apart. More about this trip can also be found at: Holiday Malaysia

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