Sicily: Alcantara Gorge

When you go on holiday in Sicily, the Alcantara Gorge is a real must-see. You can read all about it in this article.

How the rift came about

The gorge was created around 2400 BC. Due to an eruption of the volcano Monte Moie (The most erratic crater of Etna). The lava then flooded the entire Alcantara valley, up to the mouth of the river, where the Greeks founded their first Sicilian colony in 735 BC. In Sciara Larderia, the glowing lava flow reached a height of 70 meters and split as a result of an earthquake. Over a length of 500 meters, a depth of 70 meters and a width of 5 meters, creating the gorge. Later, water from the Alcantara River flowed into the fissure. This is how the name Alcantara gorge came into being. The constantly flowing water has given the basalt rock walls a natural shine, on which the sun’s rays reflect with beautiful light effects.

How to reach?

After Taormina-Giardina Naxos, take State Road S185 towards Francavilla di Sicilia. This is about thirteen kilometers. Once there, you can reach the gorge along a panoramic hiking trail, or by elevator.

Be careful with cold water

It is wonderful to walk through the water of the Alcantara Gorge. Please note that the water is very cold. There is therefore a lot of warning about it. When the water is deep (this varies. Sometimes it is so shallow that you can walk through the entire gorge), it is not recommended to enter the water. The current is too strong and the gorge is not without danger.

What’s nearby?

There is a large car park, a café, a restaurant and a farmhouse. You can spend the night there and taste and buy the unique local products.

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