Surfing in Kuta, Bali

The town of Kuta on the island of Bali is known as a good surfing spot. Yet it is relatively quiet on the beach and in the sea. The beach is a beautiful sandy beach and the sea has fairly constant waves. This one has a lot of energy, which can immediately take you meters back to the beach. There are plenty of options for the novice surfer to take lessons. This can be done in a group or alone. There are also plenty of options to rent surfboards.

Why in Bali?

There are many good surf spots in the world. Bali is known as one of the best in this regard. Kuta in particular, a city in the northwest of the island, has grown because of surfing. There are almost always high waves here, which break well for surfing. Yet the sea and beach are not overly busy. There is still plenty of room to get into the water yourself, with or without a surfboard. Furthermore, life in Bali is extremely cheap by European standards. If you order a meal in a luxury restaurant, it will cost about two euros. In the (more touristy) surfing areas these prices are higher, but not by much.

Where in Bali?

There are constant high waves on almost the entire west coast of Bali. These make the water very suitable for surfing. As mentioned earlier, Kuta in particular is known as a good surfing spot. Kuta has been built up with tourist facilities since about 1960. This place is especially popular with Australians, but people from all over the world come to Kuta to surf.


If you have little or no experience with surfing, it may be wise to take some lessons. There are many options for this, especially in the larger cities. There are a number of things to consider before taking lessons.

Lesson alone or lesson in a group

There is a big difference between taking private lessons and taking lessons in a classroom. With private lessons you generally learn to surf faster. Classes are often cheaper, and you immediately have contact with other surfers.

Practice yourself

There are a number of things you can be taught about surfing. Furthermore, practicing yourself is important. Consider in advance whether you would like to rent a board every now and then to practice yourself.

How much and how often

Also consider in advance how many lessons you want to take per day. Would you like to go somewhere else for a day? Think about this in advance. Do you want to surf for an hour every day? Or do you want to sit on the water all day?


There are many surfing schools in Kuta. It is definitely worth taking a look around and comparing prices. Also make agreements with the instructor about when you want lessons. Is the surf school unable to meet your wishes? Then you can always go to another school.

What else is there to do?

There is more to do in Kuta than just surfing and swimming. It is a big city with a rich nightlife. This makes it a destination worth visiting even for non-surfers.


The sunset on Kuta is known as one of the most beautiful you can see. When night falls, the sky turns all colors. If you are there, it is definitely worth spending the sunset on the beach.


There are many outlet stores in Kuta. Well-known brands are sold here for a low price. Surf brands in particular are strongly represented, but almost all major brands have one or more outlet stores in the Kuta area. Besides these stores for branded products, there are many department stores with clothing, souvenirs and everything you can think of. These shops are definitely worth a visit, they are often several floors high and enormous. Prices are slightly higher than in other areas of Bali, but most products do not differ by more than a few cents. In addition, there is the luxury of all products next to each other, so that they can be easily compared.

Going out

Kuta is not only known as a surfing city, but also as a nightlife city. There are entertainment venues open to everyone until the early hours. Discos, cafes, live music, local dance shows, and much more can be found in the city center.

To eat

There are many restaurants in Kuta, where all world cuisine is available at varying prices. After a holiday of mainly eating rice, as is common in Bali, a non-local meal can certainly be tempting.

Not going to Kuta?

Kuta itself, as mentioned earlier, is a big city. It is a city with the problems that every other big city has. Street rubbish and other waste quickly accumulates, especially in a relatively poor country. With the warm climate this creates an unpleasant situation. Sometimes you don’t notice it, but sometimes the garbage stays there too long. If you don’t want to take any risks, you can always choose to stay in Seminyak . This city is located about fifteen minutes from Kuta, and is also quite large. There is also good surfing here. Have fun surfing in Bali!

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