Walking on La Palma: Villa de Mazo

Villa de Mazo is a beautiful green community on the east side of La Palma. Because more rain falls on this side of the island, it is also very green here. The region is spread out over hills, vineyards and scattered houses. Mazo has a farmer’s market on weekends that is definitely worth a visit. This takes place weekly in the market hall in the center of Mazo.

Villa de Mazo circular walk

The starting point of this easy three-hour walk can be reached if you drive from Bneña Baja to Mazo. On this road is the side road LP-123 towards Breña Alta (San Pedro). Follow this road for 700 meters and then take a narrow road to the left. At three junctions you come across, keep left. Eventually you will arrive at a picnic area and if you drive a little further you will come to a place where you can turn the car around. This is where the walk starts. You walk down the highway to where the wall ends on the right. Here you go back behind the wall about 8 meters. Here begins a path that runs downwards. You will see a pine forest, go there. You will come to a paved road. There is a signpost and red-white markings here. You will follow this. Ignore a marked route to the right. At the foot of the next volcano you see you will come to a junction. Here you go right and up. After a short time the road turns into a dirt road and a little later you come to a number of houses. Here the road starts to get steeper. You ignore a paved road to the right. You walk past an abandoned farm. After this you will reach a dirt road and just go straight ahead. The route continues over the slope and you slowly approach the first houses of Villa de Mazo. At the houses the path turns into a paved road. The road bends to the left, but you walk straight ahead on the Camino las Toscas. You walk out of the village again and the road turns into a narrow path again. You continue walking along the foot of a mountain. You leave the marked walking route and take a side path to the left that is paved with concrete and shortly afterwards turns into a paved path. It slopes downwards. You are now walking towards the center of Villa de Mazo. You follow the road down and cross a wider road. You walk downhill a bit until you reach the main road. Here you enter Calle General Mola. A side street of this street is called Via de Enlace Dr. Morera Bravo. This is where you enter, where the market hall is located. This is only open on weekends: on Saturdays from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM and on Sundays from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. At the market you can taste delicious homemade snacks and drinks and buy fresh fruit and vegetables. Keep in mind that you still have to go back, so you don’t fill up your entire backpack and then have to take it with you while walking. The way back is the same way as the way there.

A beautiful descent

This short four-hour walk starts at the hamlet of Malpaíses. Malpaíses is located at kilometer marker 13 if you follow the main road LP-2 from Mazo. In Malpaíses there is a bar called Chaplin and this is where the walk starts. The walk is not very difficult, but there are a number of steep climbs. You come to two beaches. So bring your swimwear and a towel! Next to Chaplin bar you will see a yellow-white marked walking route. You follow this walking route downhill. This road runs straight down without side paths. You cross a dirt road and keep walking. Ultimately, this route will take you winding down to La Salemera. Here you can take a break or make an extra detour to the lighthouse. You really should take a look at this small beautiful hamlet by the sea; It’s definitely worth it! There is also a small beach in this town and a great restaurant! After a break in La Salemera we initially return the same way. Until you reach a wide unpaved road. Follow this to the left. While walking you have a beautiful view of the rocky coast and La Salemera. After about a kilometer you will come to a junction. Here you turn left. And you ignored the previous split to Playa la Salemera. Follow the path straight ahead for a while until you reach another junction. Here you can make an extra detour to the left to Montaña del Azufre. This extra detour will take about fifteen minutes there and back. If you do not want to make this extra detour, continue straight to the right. Then you descend via a winding road to Playa del Azufre. This beautiful, small and idyllic beach invites you to swim in the calm sea. The walk follows the same route back to Malpaíses. Of course you can decide for yourself whether you first walk to Playa del Azufre or prefer to go to La Salemera first. You also do not have to ignore the exit to Playa la Salemera. You can also take a look at this small beach.

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