Walking on La Palma: Santa Domingo de Garafía

This very quiet municipality in the north of La Palma is also called Garafía for short. The road to Garafía is long and you will most likely encounter little to no traffic. Despite the tranquility, this municipality is definitely worth a visit; the surroundings here are beautiful. The houses are spread out, but the small center of Garafía has a few restaurants so that you can still have a snack or drink after the walk.

A light walk through a beautiful farm landscape

This easy walk of about three hours starts in the center of Santa Domingo de Garafía. This is where you come if you go from Los Llanos de Aridane to Tijarafe and then drive towards Puntagorda. Continue to follow this main road and you will automatically arrive in Santa Domingo de Garafía. The starting point of the walk is at the village square. This is easy to find, the town is small. You cross the square and immediately afterwards you can look into a barranco. You follow a paved road uphill for a short distance until you see a side path to the left marked with red and white stripes. The path descends steeply to the bottom of the beautiful barranco. The path then descends steeply again and you leave the barranco. You walk straight ahead through the beautiful farm landscape. After you have passed a number of houses, you will not see any buildings for a while. Eventually you will see another farm. About 80 meters before this farm you enter a narrow side path. A little later this path returns to the small road you walked on earlier. A little later you have to go through a gate. You must close this behind you again. You continue walking on an old mule path. You will come to a second gate and you must also close this. Shortly afterwards you follow a small road to the left and then continue on the mule path. This is still marked. You walk through a valley and at the bottom of this valley the path goes to the left. You do not take the path that you see going to the right in this bend. Again you walk past a small group of houses. Shortly afterwards you will walk over an old lava flow for a short time and then you will see the same road you walked on before. You can already see the hamlet of El Palmar from here. However, via a bend to the right you still have to go through a barranco. Here the red-white markings stop for a moment, but cairns show you the right way through the barranco. After this barranco you will find yourself in the almost deserted hamlet of El Palmar. You can walk to the end and descend into the beautiful barranco that starts next to El Palmar. You can walk as far as you want, the difficulty of the route remains approximately the same. Ultimately you will have to turn around because you will return to the starting point along the same road.

From Santa Domingo de Garafía descend to the sea and continue to Llano negro

This walk is a lot harder. You will have to deal with a height difference of approximately 1000 meters. The walk takes about 5 hours. This walk starts at the same point as the walk above. From the village square follow the main road towards Las Tricias. Follow this main road for a short time until you see a side street to the right at a sports center with a yellow-white marking. This street takes you down to Porís de Santa Domingo. This street speaks for itself, but pay attention to the stones with petroglyphs that are hundreds of years old! After you have passed a small restaurant, the paved road turns into a mule path. Shortly afterwards you will come to a junction where you turn right. You are ignoring another path with markers. After about 5 minutes you will reach Porís de Santa Domingo. Here is a small harbor with some small fishing huts. You return the same way you came for five minutes. At the junction where you descended, you now go in the other direction towards Cueva del Aqua. This road takes you straight up. You should close all gates you come across, as goats may be walking around. At a fork the marked road turns right. However, you continue straight ahead and now follow the marking of cairns. Shortly afterwards this road turns right and returns to the marked road. The part you skipped is in poor condition, therefore this short detour. At the motorway you encounter, turn right. After five minutes this road turns into a main street. Here you walk uphill. The road soon turns into a paved road and after a short time you pass a small church. Follow the road to the hamlet of Cueva del Aqua. After you have left the last houses behind you, turn right into a wide road. After a few minutes this road ends at a motorway. You leave this on the left after about 100 meters. After this, walk straight for a while and cross another motorway. You then pass through a small forest, a mountain ridge and an area with fruit trees. You approach some houses again. Before these houses a road turns left and you enter this. This road takes you to a barranco. In this barranco follow the sharp bend to the left; the path straight ahead is dangerous. You go through a gate again. 100 meters after the gate you will see a mule trail on the right. This will take you to Llano Negro in a short time. You come to an intersection and turn left into the village street. At the next intersection, turn left again and this street is again marked green-white. you ignore a motorway to the right and then take a gentle bend to the left onto a motorway. After a few minutes you leave the highway and go straight ahead onto a mule path. This path runs through a forest and later becomes a concrete street again. Eventually you approach some houses again. These are the first houses of Santa Domingo de Garafía. You will soon be back at the starting point.

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