Hiking on La Palma: Los Canarios (Fuencaliente)

Los Canarios is the southernmost municipality of La Palma. The last volcanic eruption of the Tenequía volcano took place here in 1971. Vines grow on the black slopes of the Teneguía and other volcanoes, and higher on the slopes the Canary Island pine. Furthermore, there is of course a lot of lava and black rock to see.

From saltwater pans and a lighthouse to Teneguía volcano

This walk of about 2 hours and a height difference of over 400 meters starts in the far south at the lighthouse and the saltwater pans. A winding highway takes you from Los Canarios down to the south. Follow the direction: ‘Faro de Fuencaliente. You can park here. The old lighthouse is now a maritime museum, if you want you can also visit it. From the lighthouse you go up onto a walking path. This is marked red and white. After a few minutes you will cross a street, but just follow the walking path. After about fifteen minutes you will cross another street. Here too, simply continue along the hiking trail. At the next intersection with a street, turn left. After about 50 meters you will see the walking path continue on your right. If you look back you have a fantastic view of the lighthouse, the salt pans and the ocean. The road goes up a bit steeper here and you walk through a lava field. On the other side of this lava field, turn left onto a hiking trail and back through a lava field. You are now approaching the parking lot of the Teneguía volcano. The entire hiking trail is clearly marked in red and white until you reach the parking lot. You can make an extra tour on the crater rim of the Teneguía volcano. However, it is closed in case of strong winds. From the crater rim you have a fantastic view of the ocean and, in clear weather, of the surrounding islands.

To the red volcano Martín

This beautiful but strenuous walk takes more than 5 hours. With a height difference of over 900 metres, you will face a tough climb; partly by sand and ash. The route is beautiful and the view fantastic! The walk starts in the center of Los Canarios at the church.

  • From the church you walk up past a sports field. At the end of the street you only have to walk up some steps and then continue on a red-white marked path towards a pine forest. After about 10 minutes you will reach a signpost. Here you go in the direction of Refugio del Pilar. You walk up a wide footpath.
  • You come to a dirt road and just walk straight ahead. Shortly afterwards you enter a forest again and a little later you come to a sign again and follow the direction: ‘Refugio del Pilar’.
  • After a few minutes you turn left at a fork. Once again you will see red and white markings. After this, walk straight for a while until you reach a sign with the inscription: Pinar de los Faros. Here the route goes to the right. and you will come across another sign: Refugio del Pilar. Once again you can simply follow the road for a while and you will come across another signpost.
  • After an ascent you walk to the next signpost that you will see well in advance. The path is now recognizable by the stones along the sides. You can follow the road again for a while and come to a signpost with ‘Refugio del Pilar’ on it. Now you walk around a volcano.
  • Via the north-eastern slope you now walk further away from the volcano and straight back to the next volcano. At a fork, turn left, still following the red-white markings.
  • You walk straight ahead in the direction of the Montana de Pelada. Here too you walk around the volcano for a while until you reach a junction. Here you turn left, again marked red and white. This path runs up the slope of the volcano. You reach a path to the right in the direction: Refugio del Pilar. You enter an open area and the Martín volcano can already be seen in front of you. You now have to climb again on an ash floor, this is quite tough! At the next fork, turn left still following the markings.
  • You will then come to a signpost. Here you can make an extra detour to the top of the Martín volcano. This volcano consists of two craters, this is clearly visible during the walk. People with a lot of experience can descend into the crater. There is a path that runs steeply downwards. There is a cave in the crater: the Fuente del Fuego. For the extra detour, first walk up to a saddle on the western slope. Here you will see a narrower path to the right. Remember this path for the way back! So you just walk straight ahead and follow the paths around the top of the volcano and possibly descend to the crater.
  • Once the extra detour is complete, walk towards the above-mentioned path to the right and enter it. This path is marked with red-white crosses and there is a sign that says: ‘Fuente del Tión – Pista Florestal del Oeste’. The path now descends quite steeply. After some time this path changes into a path with green-white stripes. Just keep following the path. This road takes you down to an intersection.
  • You can also make an extra detour to the Fuente del Tión at this intersection. This is a source. For the extra detour, follow the signpost. You can also refill your water bottle at this source if necessary.
  • After this detour, turn towards Los Canarios at the aforementioned signpost. You descend gradually over the forestry path. After about a minute, turn left at a signpost. This path runs across open ground and then through a pine forest. The path here is marked with stones along the sides and cairns. Follow the path with a bend to the left. At a signpost, cross a path and follow the direction ‘Pista del Este’.
  • After about 4 hours you will again reach the red-white marked route that you know from the way there. Via this road you walk back to the starting point in Los Canarios where you arrive after about five and a half hours. Along the way you will regularly encounter the signposts that you saw on the way there so that you know that you are on the right route.

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