Walking on La Palma: Barlovento

Barlovento is located in the north of La Palma. There is relatively much precipitation here. Yet this municipality is beautiful for walking, especially in the summer months. Beautiful and deep barrancos, lots of greenery and almost deserted ghost villages. In the winter months you have to take into account a lot of precipitation and fog. If you leave early you have a good chance of beating the fog and thus enjoying beautiful views.

A descent from Barlovento to La Fajana

This walk of about three hours (round trip) takes us from Barlovento to the natural swimming pool La Fajana. Here you can take a dip and have a nice break. Keep in mind that on the way back you will have to climb another 500 meters again! This walk starts in the center of Barlovento at the tourist information, opposite the church. Next to the tourist information, a street goes downhill in a southerly direction. You enter this. After 20 meters you will see a paved road on the left with a sign for: ‘Fuente del Llano’. You go through a barranco and go up the next ridge. There you will see a concrete road. Here we go down steeply to the left. From this point onwards this road is marked green and white. After about five minutes you cross the main road and opposite on the left the hiking trail continues downwards. About fifteen minutes later you cross another street and continue downhill between banana plantations. After 10 minutes the road turns into a narrower path next to a high-voltage pylon. Once again you cross a concrete street, here you turn right. In about 5 minutes you can reach La Fajana. You walk back the same way.

A nice walk around Barlovento

This beautiful walk of about 5 hours takes us from La Tosca to the remote town of Gallegos. The walk first goes down quite a bit, then up and then down and up again. The starting point of the walk is in the small town of La Tosca just outside the center of Barlovento. La Tosca has a viewpoint: ‘Mirador de La Tosca’. This is clearly signposted on the main street from Barlovento to Gallegos.

  • From the La Tosca viewpoint, enter the concrete street that slopes downwards to the right of the viewpoint. After a few minutes you will be in La Tosca. La Tosca has the largest dragon tree forest on the island. The beautiful houses here are also definitely worth a look.
  • From La Tosca follow the red-white marked walking route. After about 10 minutes this concrete street turns into an old mule path
  • In La Tosca the walking route changes into a red-white marked route along the concrete road. After about 10 minutes this concrete road turns into a mule path. You pass beautiful plants, shrubs and flowers. On the next ridge, the mule path changes again into a concrete street, which shortly afterwards changes back into a mule path. Then you go up into a barranco. You pass a cave that is used as a goat stable.
  • Shortly afterwards you will come to a junction, where you keep left. At the next intersection just go straight ahead, but remember this point (La Palmita) well. Here you go in a different direction on the way back. After passing a small barranco you come to a mountain ridge. Here you continue straight on along the motorway. After a few minutes you will see a path on the left and take it. You can already see Gallegos from here.
  • You descend again through a barranco, here the road can be a bit difficult due to blackberry bushes and other plants that grow along the road and sometimes also hang over the road. Once you reach the bottom of the barranco, a short steep climb begins. You will get the feeling that you are already walking into Gallegos, but your eyes are deceiving you: these are just a number of houses. You will have to go through one more barranco.
  • After 10 minutes you really enter Gallegos. Here you can take a break in the village bar.
  • The first part of the way back is the same. You walk back to the aforementioned point ‘La Palmita’. At this point we turn right onto a green-white marked path. This path ends at a main street and we follow it to the left for about 10 minutes until you reach a barranco. Here you follow the car road to the right. After about fifteen minutes you will arrive at GalerĂ­a del Cerco. Here you leave the motorway and go steeply uphill past the building on the left. After another 5 minutes you will cross another motorway and here you turn right and shortly afterwards right again along a concrete path.
  • After 10 minutes you will reach another motorway and turn left here. Follow this road for fifteen minutes and then you will come to a building and shortly afterwards to the cemetery of Barlovento. Walk left past the cemetery for a few minutes until you reach a yellow-white marked road. This is where you enter. You will pass a football field and after 10 minutes you will cross another main road. You continue to follow the same highway and cross another main road.
  • Shortly afterwards you will walk into Barlovento. After about 50 meters you will see a road to Gallegos on your left (signposted). Enter here until you arrive back at Mirador La Tosca after fifteen minutes.

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