Rovaniemi, Santa Claus’ hometown on the Arctic Circle

Rovaniemi is a city near the Arctic Circle. It is the capital of Lapland. What’s so special about this city? Well, Santa Claus was born there! He still lives there and you can even visit him and talk to him. In Rovaniemi, Santa Claus prepares all the work and answers as many letters as possible that he receives, together with the elves, his helpers. Are you going to visit him? Then you can have a chat with him and even take a photo with him. So if you want to see the one and only Santa Claus: off to Rovaniemi!

Rovaniemi and the Arctic Circle

Location and history

The city of Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland and the birthplace of Santa Claus, is located near the Arctic Circle. This city was almost completely razed to the ground by the Germans in 1944. The Finnish architect Alvar Aalto drew the plans for the new city and based the floor plan on the shape of reindeer antlers. In this city one can observe eight seasons, each season with its specific temperatures, light and natural phenomena. In winter you can take a snowmobile trip through the snow-covered forests or across the frozen river. In the summer you can go on a cruise on the same river.

The Arctic Circle

The Arctic Circle is located in Lapland, at 66° 32′ 35” to be exact. The Arctic Circle is an imaginary line. Yet (stupid) tourists can have themselves photographed at the point where the Arctic Circle runs with one foot on either side of the Arctic Circle. Above this line, once a year there is the longest day, the day on which the sun does not set, and once a year the longest night, the day on which the sun cannot be seen. Finns call this kaamos. On this winter night the polar lights are visible. According to an old legend, this is about a fox that sweeps the snow from the mountains with its tail. Hence the Finnish name for this phenomenon, Fox Flames”.

About Lapps and Sami

The Lapps live in Lapland

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