Beautiful castles in Gelderland

There are dozens of (old) castles in Gelderland. Some of them are definitely worth a visit; including De Cannenburch Castle, Doorwerth Castle and Zuypendaal Castle. In this article you can read information about five beautiful castles in the province of Gelderland.

Cannenburch Castle

The name of this castle is often written in two different ways: with ‘ch’ at the end or with ‘gh’. On old maps the castle is often mentioned with ‘gh’ at the end, but nowadays people often speak of Cannenburch with ‘ch’. The earliest mention of Cannenburch dates from 1365. In 1543, the Gelderland general Maarten van Rossum bought what was then Cannenburch (a ruin) and expanded it into a castle with three floors. Maarten’s cousin (Hendrik van Isendoorn à Bois) completed the castle after Maarten’s death in 1555. The generations of children that emerged from Hendrik van Isendoorn à Bois continued to live there until 1881. Since there were no children to inherit the castle, it was sold to a wealthy baron. The last owner of the Cannenburch was Richard Cleve, a painter from Berlin. Nowadays the castle is owned by ‘Stichting Vrienden der Geldersche Kasteelen’ and parties and weddings are held there.

Verwolde Castle

Verwolde Castle is located near the village of Laren in the municipality of Lochem . In 1346 the castle was mentioned for the first time in writings as the owner of Lord Derck II. In the 16th century, the castle became involved in a political battle between the Duke of Gelre, the Bishop of Gelre and Charles of Gelre. The battle got out of hand in 1510, causing much of the castle to be demolished. In 1775, owner Frederik Willem van der Borch decided to have a new house built. He had this done by architect PW Schonck, who completed this assignment in nine months. In 1926, Van der Borch’s descendants had a large corner tower built on the house, giving it a castle-like appearance again. In 1982, Verwolde Castle was donated to the ‘Stichting Vrienden der Geldersche Kasteelen’ and today the castle serves, among other things, as a museum and tearoom.

Rosendael Castle

Rosendael Castle was founded in the early 14th century by Count Reinoud I of Gelre. Until 1516, the castle remained in the possession of Gelderland lords who got deeply into debt to build and maintain the castle. In 1536, Duke Charles had to give up the castle. The castle came into the hands of the Van Arnhem, Torck and later Van Pallandt family. During the Second World War, Rosendael Castle was severely hit by bombs, which destroyed the orangery, among other things. The castle was restored after the war by Willem Frederik Torck, baron van Pallandt, who established a rest home in part of the castle. In 1978, Rosendael was transferred to the Friends of Geldersche Kasteelen Foundation, which restored the castle. Today the castle houses a museum.

Hernen Castle

Hernen castle is located near the village of Hernen. This castle was built before the year 1400 and has been well preserved since then, so the castle still has a lot of authentic Medieval architecture. In 1682, the castle of the Van Whichhe-van Egeren couple was transferred to the Van Steenhuys family. In 1883, Mrs AM and Tex-Vriese bought Hernen Castle and in April 1940 her daughter donated the castle to the Friends of Geldersche Kasteelen Foundation. The foundation started restoring the castle in 1942 and completed the restoration in 1957. Nowadays, as a visitor you can view parts of the north and east wings. The rest of the castle is rented to a foundation that has a study center for Byzantine art. Source: BFG, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-3.0)

Doorwerth Castle

One of the most beautiful castles in Gelderland is Doorwerth Castle. This castle is located more than ten kilometers from Arnhem. The oldest remains of the castle date from the year 1280 and showed that the walls of the castle must have been about 1.20 meters thick. In 1400 the castle was expanded by the owner and in 1558 the castle was rebuilt and modernized by the couple Daem Schellart van Obbendorf and his wife Walrave van Voorst. In 1837, Doorwerth Castle was sold to Jacob AP baron van Brakell. He started a major renovation in which he had a number of rooms decorated in neo-Gothic style. In 1944, Doorwerth Castle was seriously damaged. The De Doorwerth Association therefore immediately carried out a restoration in 1946, in which authentic details were brought back to the fore. In 1969 the castle was transferred to the Friends of Geldersche Kasteelen Foundation. Today the castle is used for various purposes; including as a museum and restaurant.

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