Valle del Genal (Southern Spain)

The Genal Valley includes, Algatocín, Alpandeire, Atajate, Benadolid, Benalauría, Benarrabá, Cartajima, Faraján, Gaucín, Genalguacil, Igualeja, Jubrique, Júzcar, Paraute and Pujerra. All these villages together form a nature reserve in the Serranía of Ronda (Andalusia) with a wealth of natural ecosystems, geological diversity and variation in flora and fauna.

First Biosphere Reserve of the Mediterranean Region

This enormous biodiversity has allowed the European Union to grant it the status of the first Intercontinental Biosphere Reserve in the Mediterranean. A place of special interest for the Community (LIC: Lugar de Interés Comunitario), together with other areas in Andalusia and northern Morocco. Along the sixty kilometer long Genal River and its tributaries, there are numerous mills and family gardens. The chestnut forests on the higher parts of the valley offer a beautiful spectacle every year when the leaves, before they fall, show all kinds of shades of ochre, red and yellow. Then every day the landscape looks different.

Sights along the Genal Valley

In addition to the beauty of the white villages, which are scattered here and there in the valley, there is also:

The source of Igualeja

Many consider this to be the source of the Genal River. A shady spot where crystal clear water bubbles up from the mountain. According to popular belief, drinking from this source is a benefit for your body. The river then flows with many windings until past Gaucín where it flows into the Guadiaro.

The Natural Reserve of the Sierra Bermeja

This nature reserve is located between the village of Genalguacil and Estepona. At an altitude of 1600 meters it gives impressive panoramic views of the Costa del Sol and the Strait of Gibraltar on one side and the Valley of the Genal, on the other. There is also a 100 hectare pine forest, which smells wonderful when you go for a walk early in the morning.

The Ethnographic Museum of Benalauria

This museum is located in an olive oil mill from the eighteenth century that has been preserved in perfect condition. The largest and most important piece of the olive press is a single piece chestnut beam, more than twelve meters long. A collection of tools and utensils are on display and by their arrangement in the building, one can get an idea of how our ancestors lived.

Network of Miradores”

Miradores are vantage points from which you can fully absorb the surroundings and are always in the best location. Twelve miradors have been set up along the A-369

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