Bangalore, a true shopping paradise in India

India is often associated with slums, poverty, temples, Bollywood films, auto rickshaws and the list could go on for a while. Those things are also prominent, but in the middle of it all you have a city that stands out. Bangalore is the place to be to feel like you’re back in the West and to shop in places that offer you something completely different than colorful saris, dhotis or longhis.

Many brands at a reasonable price

Shopping centers offer you original Lacoste, Hilfiger, Pepe Jeans, Esprit for half the price.

You are therefore surprised when you walk through this city where IT people rule and find one shopping center after another. Perhaps because a lot of money is made here, quite a few major brands are present here. You can find Levis, Esprit, United colors of Benetton, Pepe Jeans, Hilfiger and many other brands in the various shopping centers. You will find something you like, especially in Garuda mall and Central. The nice thing about all this is that these brands retain their quality label and the price is a lot lower than what you would pay for it in the West.

New brands are launched!

What’s quite nice about Bangalore is that you can also find many new brands there. They try to attract your attention with beautiful prints or a dazzling cut. There are Forever Now, French Connection, Van Heusen and Mango , which are less present in Belgium or the Netherlands but are a true revelation here.

Forever Now, young and hip clothing

Forever Now offers a collection for the young, hip city lady who knows what she wants. The prices are sometimes quite high, but you do get quality clothing. You can find both casual and more festive clothing.

Van Heusen, pure class

Van Heusen is less present in Belgium or the Netherlands, but is strongly represented in India. It is a company that became famous after several famous people such as Ronald Reagan, Anthony Quinn and Tony Curtis started showing up with shirts from this brand. Van Heusen also became the purveyor to Queen Elizabeth in 1974. Today this brand focuses on 70 different countries spread over 5 continents and it is especially difficult to resist the timeless shirts and stylish blouses. The clothing is somewhat in the higher price range, but if you wanted to buy the same things in England or America, the prices here are still 30 to 40 percent lower.

Mango, tasty

Mango is a Spanish company that Penélope Cruz once designed for. It is mainly aimed at city ladies who like something a little different. This brand also belongs to the higher price range, but all in all the Indian prices are not too bad.

UB City, a new entry in Bangalore’s shopping paradise

The building: all class

UB City by night / Source: Ajith Chatie, Flickr (CC BY-2.0) UB City is a building covering 13 hectares and 93,000 square meters. The modern complex towers among all the other offices near Lavelle Road and Vital Mallya Road, where numerous multinationals can be found. When you enter the building after the security check, you will feel like you are in Italy. The ceilings have murals of Italian scenes and the building has a classicist style inside. In this complex you will find a hotel, managed by Oakwood, an amphitheater, numerous delicious restaurants and of course a shopping center with only luxury brands. It houses brands such as Louis Vuitton, Canali, Stella Mc Cartney, Paul Smith, Moschino, so if you go to South India and visit Bangalore, this place is worth it.

Everywhere in the city

Characteristic of Bangalore is that you see different stores of the same brand popping up everywhere. You can find Levis, Pepe Jeans, Esprit, Van Heusen in various places in the city. Because Bangalore is a big city, you should especially take a look at the following neighborhoods: Richmond Road, MGRoad, Brigade Road and Magrath Road. When you come to Bangalore only one thing counts: shop until you drop!!

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