A tour in the United States: Florida

After New York and California, Florida is the third most popular vacation destination in the United States. This sunny state is located on the East Coast of America and is best known for its subtropical climate. Here are some helpful tips to help plan your trip to Florida.

The state of Florida

Florida is not only a fascinating holiday destination for foreigners. The Americans themselves also like to go on holiday to Florida. There people mainly choose Orlando with its famous amusement parks, where every American must have been at least once in their life. But Daytona Beach is also a well-known seaside resort and Miami is a much-visited city with a port from which numerous cruises depart to the Caribbean Sea throughout the year. All the way in the south you have the Florida Keys and near Orlando, Cape Canaveral with the Kennedy Space Center. Many Americans move to Florida after retirement to spend their last years in this pleasant climate. Wealthier Americans from the north also often spend the winter there. Less known in Florida are the capital Tallahassee and the largest city in Florida, Jacksonville.

Travel to Florida

In Florida you have two seasons, the rainy season from May to October and the dry season from November to April. However, in Florida it rains briefly and heavily, usually in the late afternoon. It is warmer in the rainy season than in the dry season. In summer it can get very sweaty, sultry and hot. The best time to travel to Florida is spring.


Typically, your trip will depart through Florida and arrive in Miami, from where most flights depart for Europe. Half of Miami’s residents are Latinos, most of whom have fled Cuba, but can also come from Mexico. The Cuban refugees have also been the cause of a highly organized drug trade in the city, which was the subject of the famous television series Miami Vice years ago. The most beautiful part of the city is Miami Beach. The beach is artificially constructed, but in Florida you have more of that artificial feeling. Real art includes the numerous art deco homes in the city’s historic district. Nowhere in the world will you find so many art deco homes together. It makes Ocean Drive by far the most beautiful street in Florida. South Beach is known for its topless sunbathing and the beautiful lifeguard huts that you can find everywhere on the beaches. Moreover, it is not without reason that it is the most chosen location in the world for a photo shoot in the fashion world.

Fort Lauderdale

Just north of Miami you will find Fort Lauderdale, or the Venice of Florida, because of the extensive network of canals in this port city. More than 40,000 residents live there permanently. It is known for its pearly white beaches, its marina, its party atmosphere, its famous gay culture and also as a base for many cruise lines. From here you can combine a tour of Florida with a cruise through the Caribbean Sea, with stops in the Bahamas, for example. Many tourists travel through Florida for a week and then end with a cruise of a few days.

Kennedy Space Center

About 300 km north of Miami you will arrive at the headquarters of NASA, the Kennedy Space Center. This is a major tourist attraction in Florida. Here you will learn everything about space travel. Visit the massive launch pad and the Apollo and Saturn V Center. You can watch space films in the IMAX cinema or climb into a simulator and see all the famous rockets and Space Shuttles up close in the Rocket Garden. You can explore the entire domain on a two-hour bus tour


Orlando itself is not very attractive to visit, but it is home to a number of well-known tourist attractions and the city has a large number of hotels and restaurants to accommodate all the overnight tourists. The best-known parks are undoubtedly SeaWorld, Universal Studios and Disney World. Disney World Orlando is the largest Disney park in the world and is in fact a collection of various theme parks, water and sports parks and attracts approximately 25 million visitors annually. It is the same size as the city of San Francisco and can hardly be visited in a full day. Approximately 6 million people visit Universal Studios every year and immerse themselves in the world of cinema with Shrek, Terminator, Jaws, ET and the Simpsons as well-known hosts. You can admire orcas and dolphins in SeaWorld, which is not only an animal park but also an amusement park.


Everglades National Park is a nature reserve on the west coast of Florida. It is in fact a network of shallow rivers with grass protruding above the water, which is also home to a number of rare animal species, such as the American crocodile and the Florida panther. In Shark Valley you can tour and look out from the observation tower over the entire Everglades area. The main attraction of course remains a trip with the famous air boats on the Anhinga Trail.

Key West

Key West is the southernmost point of the United States and is in fact an island, more specifically the southernmost island of the Florida Keys archipelago. In total there are almost 2,000 islands that are more or less aligned from north to south, just below Miami. Key West is less than 90 miles from Cuba. Some of the islands are connected by the 7 mile bridge and US Highway 1. The view over the water is beautiful. The busy American life comes to a standstill here and here you can enjoy the peace and nature. It is wonderful for diving and snorkeling and also for fishing. Key West is a beautiful city to visit. In Old Town you will find beautiful buildings in colonial style, but the harbor is also definitely worth a visit.

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