Traveling around the United States

A trip to the United States is always worthwhile. It is impossible to visit everything in this gigantic country in a single trip. I will give you some tips to plan your trip to the United States.

East West

If you want to plan a trip to the United States, it is especially important to correctly estimate the distances of this vast continent. Many people misunderstand this and before you know it you spend your entire holiday behind the wheel of a rental car or on a cramped group tour bus. Never take on too much and give yourself time to thoroughly visit your chosen destinations. There are three main destinations in the United States, namely New York, California (+ Nevada) and Florida. It is impossible to visit these three destinations in a single trip. I recommend planning three separate trips for this.

Expensive plane tickets

The price of airline tickets will eat up at least half of your travel budget. Even with a low dollar exchange rate and in the low season and by opting for the cheapest tickets, you will quickly pay a minimum of 600 euros per person for a return ticket. The cost for the rest of your trip will depend on the luxury you expect and the duration of the trip. You can spend the night very cheaply in the United States. In both California and Florida you can spend the night in one of the countless motels for around 25 euros in the low season. However, you should not expect much luxury here, even in the well-known chains such as Motel 6 or Super 8. For a real hotel room you will have to pay at least 40 euros. For a hotel with a bit of luxury and a well-maintained swimming pool, at least 80 euros.

Spend the night in New York

Prices are a lot higher in New York. There you pay more, depending on whether your hotel is located closer to the tourist center of the city. In New York itself it will be very difficult to find a room for less than 80 euros per night. Most popular hotels have prices that start from 150 euros per night. These are indicative prices for a room for two people. In the United States, breakfast is never included in that price. If breakfast is exceptionally provided, don’t expect much more than a coffee and a donut. There will also always be an additional tax added to the total price, often up to almost 10% of the price.

Food and drink

A hotel in the United States is for sleeping and not for enjoying the gastronomy. It is best to eat in one of the countless diners”. You can have breakfast

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