Mini cruise to the city of York in England

Suppose you have a spare weekend and you want to get away from it all. Then you can choose to take the boat to England. There are countless places worth a visit. One of those places is York in the north of England. With a three-day mini cruise you stay on board where you also sleep during the return journey. During the day you have time to discover the city of York

Stay on board

When booking a mini cruise , there are several options. For just a few euros per person it is possible to sail along and visit the English city of York . If you only choose to sleep on board in a basic inside cabin, you can get away for a weekend quite cheaply . If someone has more money to spend or wants to travel a little more comfortably, they can, for example, opt for a more spacious cabin, with or without a sea view. With a three-day mini cruise you stay on board for two nights , on the outward and return journey. With a four- or more-day mini cruise, in addition to the two nights on board during the outward and return journey, you also stay one or more nights in a hotel in the city.

Departure from Rotterdam Europoort

P&O ferry boat departs from Europoort to the port city of Hull in England . At the end of the afternoon you can already go on board. In the evening the boat leaves for a night at sea. Early in the morning the ferry boat arrives in Hull where transfer buses to York will be waiting. It is at least an hour’s drive from Hull. The nice thing about this tour is that you see typical English landscape. The buses arrive in York during the morning.

Activities and facilities on board

Before the boat arrives in the port city of Hull, you will spend a whole evening and night on board the ferry boat . There is no need to be bored, because there are plenty of activities. You can eat on board in various restaurants, including a buffet restaurant. The food can be booked separately, but is not mandatory. If food is booked additionally, you can choose between breakfast only, dinner only, or both. However, this does not have to be done in advance; This can all be arranged on board if it is decided at the last minute to eat on board. In addition to restaurants, there are cafes, lounges and bars where you can enjoy a drink and/or snack. There is entertainment on board. There is live music and a DJ plays. Films can be seen in a cinema. There is a small casino on board and an arcade. You can even shop on board. Changing money is also no problem on board. When the weather is good and especially in summer, a visit to the outside deck is of course also worthwhile.

Arrive in England and discover York

In the morning the ferry boat arrives in the port city of Hull and buses are ready to go to the city of York . Once arrived in York, everyone is free to explore the city on their own until it is time to gather again. York is an attractive city with beautiful old buildings, alleys and plenty of sights. When you enter the city, you immediately see the old city wall. There is a large cathedral to visit, there are plenty of museums , and you can walk through city parks. York is a great city for shopping . There are authentic shops, but also large modern retail chains can be found there. There are also numerous restaurants, pubs and tea houses. In rainy and/or cold weather there are plenty of places to enjoy something warm indoors. Do you happen to fancy a milkshake? Then visit one of the milkshake shops where you can choose from more than 100 different flavors! There are also various markets to visit, such as an organic market. York is a great city in terms of size to discover in this way. Not too big, but certainly not too small. Almost everything can be reached on foot.

Return journey by ferry boat

In the case of a three-day mini cruise, you return to the meeting point at the end of the afternoon where everyone has to gather at a certain time. The bus takes everyone back to the boat in Hull. In the evening the ferry boat starts its return journey to Rotterdam. With a four- or multi-day mini cruise, you take your luggage off board and stay in a hotel in the city and leave the next day or later by bus to the boat for the return journey. On the return journey there are the same facilities and activities on board as on the outward journey. The night is spent in a sleeping cabin on board. The next morning you arrive early in Europoort. There is plenty to see and do during a mini cruise in just three days!

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