Take the kids on a cruise with Disney Cruise Line

If you’re looking for a fun family vacation with your kids, the Disney Cruise Line might be for you. A dream cruise to a sunny destination, such as the Caribbean Islands and soon even the Mediterranean.

Walt Disney cruise line company

This American cruise line company is owned by The Walt Disney Company with headquarters in Florida. It is part of the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts department and was founded in 1998. Their first ship was the Disney Magic, followed a year later by the Disnec Wonder. Both ships are the same size and can accommodate 2,400 passengers and 1,000 crew members. It goes without saying that Disney Cruise Line focuses exclusively on families with children and is mainly active from Florida and in the Caribbean Sea. Disney owns its own island in the Bahamas called Castaway Cay. This is not only a frequently used setting in Disney films, the Disney Cruise Line ships always moor here, after which passengers can enjoy themselves on the extremely child-friendly beach.

Disney Cruise Line is building additional ships

Disney is currently building two new ships, the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy, which will be slightly larger than the two existing ships. The older ships will then be given a new destination. The Disney Wonder will sail from Los Angeles from 2011 and the Disney Magic will be deployed in the Mediterranean. The conquest of the Mediterranean is expected to be a great success. In any case, this will be accompanied by a major advertising campaign and the opening of a whole series of European branches.

Child-friendly cruise

The Disney Cruise Line ships are about the only American cruise ships without a casino. Apart from a few areas reserved for adults, the entire ship is dedicated to children. The famous Disney characters parade on the deck, countless activities are planned for the children from nine in the morning to midnight. Of course you can also watch the latest Diney films in the cinema and even from the swimming pool. You can watch numerous shows in true Broadway style and often with well-known Disney characters in the leading roles.

Disney Cruises Restaurants

There are three themed restaurants, where you will be served by the same waiters every evening. Italian dishes and gourmet are the specialities. There are also five smaller restaurants, from fast food to a nice dinner for two. For parents who want to spend some time alone, there are numerous childcare options and youth clubs. There are a total of 7 youth clubs on the ship, each for children of a different age category. There are three swimming pools on the ship. One for the kids, with plenty of slides and fountains. There is also a family pool and a pool for adults. The traditional evening show on the deck of the ship is unique in the cruise world. All passengers then come together on top of the ship to enjoy the Disney World-like parade show with accompanying fireworks.

Disney Cruises rooms

The cabins on the ship are also specially designed for families. Most cabins have separate bathrooms for children and adults and are equipped with different sinks, so that less time is spent getting ready. The family rooms are available in different price ranges and you can choose from indoor cabins as well as outdoor cabins with a view and balcony. In the smaller rooms, children can sleep in bunk beds that convert into a sofa.


Almost all Disney Cruise Line cruises depart from Port Canaveral in Florida, which was purchased by Disney and is only used by them. The most popular destinations are the Bahamas, the Caribbean Islands and the Mexican Riviera. Beginning in 2011, Disney Cruise Line will also sail the Panama Canal from Los Angeles and the Mediterranean from Great Britain with two additional ships. A long Transatlantic cruise is possible from Florida via the Mediterranean Sea to Great Britain.

Castaway Cay

This small island, only a few miles in diameter, was previously known as Gorda Cay and served as a stopover for drug smugglers until Disney bought it. There is a separate beach for children and for families, where you can play volleyball, snorkel, cycle, walk, sail or enjoy a massage under a palm tree. Disney had 50,000 truckloads of white sand brought in to make it look like a perfect deserted island and then planted the palm trees themselves. Disney has provided 40 employees there, who live and work there all year round. Of course, a huge amount has been invested in a mooring dock for the gigantic cruise ships. As an additional attraction, The Flying Dutchman, a pirate ship used in Pirates of the Caribbean, can be admired a few dozen meters from the beach. The water is crystal clear and snorkelers can admire 2 abandoned submarines somewhere underwater, just off the coast.

The cost of a Disney Cruises

Disney Cruise Line’s Caribbean cruises are slightly more expensive than most comparable cruises and are therefore certainly not the cheapest way to travel. In addition, Disney will do everything it can to pay you extra for many things during your trip. Even on Castaway Cay, everything has a price, except meals. However, for families with children, this is the best way to experience a cruise. Your children will not be bored for a second and will literally go from one surprise to the next. For adults it is therefore mainly an expensive affair, comparable to all Disney parks and resorts. For the same amount you get much more luxury and better quality meals on another cruise. You don’t have to miss out on a visit to Castaway Cay either. After all, other major cruise line companies also have their own island in the Bahamas and the authenticity of the island is also very sad.

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