Bonaire, what can you do there?

Bonaire is a tropical island with mainly lovely sunny weather and beautiful surroundings. Naturally, you don’t just want to sit still on holiday, you also want to see or do something. Bonaire has a wide range of activities. In this article you can read a few of the many things to do on Bonaire and Klein Bonaire.

Snorkeling to little Bonaire

Klein Bonaire is a protected island. Because of the beautiful diving area around Klein Bonaire, there was talk of building a hotel, but this was prohibited. Klein Bonaire is uninhabited and protected, but you can go there. About 55 animal species can be found on the island, including many turtles. Klein Bonaire is the breeding ground for many turtles. Around breeding time, organizations come to Klein Bonaire to help the turtles hatch. If you are there around July, you may be lucky enough to see the organization working there and the little ones running to the sea. Klein Bonaire can be reached by water taxi. This goes from the boulevard on Kralendijk. Make sure you take the last boat back so you don’t get stuck on Klein Bonaire. The water taxi stops for a proposal along the way. This way you can get out of the water taxi and snorkel towards the coast of Klein Bonaire. There is a good chance that you will encounter turtles while snorkeling. The coast of Klein Bonaire is also called by many the most beautiful snorkeling/diving spot in the world.

To dive

Bonaire is a perfect island for those who love diving. You don’t have to go to a special place because there are no fewer than 86 diving locations. There are courses to follow and equipment can be rented. The coral reefs are home to hundreds of species of fish and other marine animals. Bonaire has been selected several times as the best diving destination in the Caribbean archipelago. In some parts of the sea you can see up to 90 meters ahead.

Jibe City

Jibe City is a place on the beach where you can learn to windsurf and enjoy a delicious snack/drink. Windsurfing championships are also held at Jibe City and those who participate regularly surf at Jibe. The atmosphere is always pleasant and there are chairs ready for you. A quick summary of what there is to do at Jibe city:

  • Learning to windsurf –> from group lessons to private
  • Rent windsurfing equipment
  • Rent canoes
  • There is a shop with swimwear, among other things
  • Chairs you can use
  • A bar where you can have lunch or enjoy a tropical drink

Washington battle bay national park

This is a protected natural park. It is clearly noticeable that it is protected. Make sure you have a good car if you go there as not much is done on the paths. There are many animals to see in the park. The animals are not shy at all and may come to you to see if you have food. There are several salamanders with beautiful bright colors. The entrance to the park is 10 euros for adults and 5 euros for children under the age of twelve. It will keep you busy for a day. The surroundings are beautiful, from densely wooded areas to a cliff on the water where the water laps up against the rocks. There are several areas in the park where you can get out of the car and go snorkeling or diving.

Karel’s beach bar

This is a very popular bar on Bonaire. This is located on the boulevard in Kralendijk and is built on a pier. Unfortunately, Karel’s beach bar was washed away by a storm, but Karel’s beach bar is now back. A cozy cappuccino bar where you can enjoy water with tropical fish around you and a delicious drink in the sun or under a parasol. Sometimes free food is handed out and karaoke is sometimes held.


Rincon mainly lives with people who were also born on Bonaire. It is a special experience to drive through and see how the people really live there. There is also a restaurant where you can try goat meat and experience the beautiful nature with green trees and stray donkeys.


You can go kayaking in the town of Lac Bay. Here you will kayak through the mangrove, which are trees that grow in the water and are a breeding ground for fish. You always go here under supervision because it is a protected area. During the trip there is also snorkeling and you can see what the mangroves look like under the water. So take your snorkeling gear with you and never forget to take water with you on Bonaire. When you have finished kayaking or perhaps before, there may be live music on the beach.

Tips for snorkeling

Since there is a lot of snorkeling available, here are some tips:

  • There are very small jellyfish, which you can only see because you see 2 red beads together. These sting you and do not give you a pleasant feeling.
  • There are sea urchins, if you step in you will have to remove all the needles with tweezers
  • Try not to step on the coral, it would be a shame and some parts are very sharp
  • Pay attention to the current, in some places the current can be quite strong

Other activities

  • wakeboarding
  • a ride past the salt pans and slave houses
  • a visit to the butterfly garden
  • a visit to the donkey shelter

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