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Anyone who has been there must admit it. It is a very special sensation: you walk through nature barefoot for almost two kilometers. You feel bark and stones, wood and sand, grass, loam and even water. Afterwards your feet get a well-deserved shower. They tingle for a long time and you wonder who actually came up with the idea that people need to wear socks and shoes so much. Get to know the barefoot path. And don’t forget your towel!


In Zutendaal, in the heart of Belgian Limburg, a number of existing paths around the nature education center De Lieteberg were edited and combined into a course of almost two kilometers. The route passes through a former pebble and sand quarry and also passes through forests and grasslands. The landscape offers a wealth of variation, as does the soil. Along the walk you will also encounter a maze, a lookout tower and a suspension bridge. You climb steep slopes, walk over bridges and wade through some water. The barefoot path takes you all the way back to nature. You are far from the hustle and bustle, in an environment of tranquility, so that you can fully experience what it does to find your way over the different textures with your bare feet.


The barefoot path is located in the immediate vicinity of the De Lieteberg visitor center, Zuurbroekstraat 16, 3690 Zutendaal. They can be reached by telephone at 089/62 94 53 and by email: [email protected].


  • On the E314 take exit 32, to Zutendaal center.
  • At the traffic lights, drive straight ahead, after 300 m keep right towards Gellik.
  • 100 meters further, turn right into Nachtegalenstraat.
  • After 200 meters you can enter Blookbergstraat on your left.
  • At the end of Blookbergstraat you can park your car near the sports fields and continue walking to De Lieteberg (200 meters).

Opening hours

Individual visitors are welcome from May 1 to October 1: every day, except Mondays, from 1:30 PM to 6 PM. Groups can make an appointment all year round with R. Lambie, tel. 089-62 94 53 (Tourism Department Zutendaal).


The De Lieteberg visitor center also has a bee center, insect museum, a butterfly center and a compost demonstration park.

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