Winter sports: the best fun parks in Europe for freeskiers

Years ago, winter sports were skiing and cross-country skiing. But especially since the 1980s, new sports have conquered and changed the ski areas, such as Freestyle. Now the Freeskiers have given the ski areas a new face. In addition to trails and ski slopes, there are now also fun parks: Special slopes with jumps, sliding obstacles, half pipes or super pipes. The best fun parks in Europe (also in summer) are in the Alpine countries of Switzerland, Austria and France.

Freestyle skiing

Freestyle skiing is a form of skiing that developed in the 1980s. Strength, technique and artistry play a very important role in this sport. This sport has developed very quickly and is especially popular among young people. Instead of what they consider boring walks on the trails or just sliding on the downhill slopes, jumps and bumpy slopes are much more exciting. Its popularity has grown so quickly that it was already included in the official program during the 1992 Winter Olympics


Freeskiers are the new generation of freestyle skiers. They also want to jump and slide, but use very different jumps and rails than the 1980s generation. Freeskiers have created new slopes and obstacles that are concentrated in the so-called fun parks.

Fun parks in Austria:

Silvretta Nova: Large amount of obstacles in one park

  • Relatively unknown to most Dutch people.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • One of the largest fun parks in Europe.
  • 58 obstacles.
  • Plans for building a real superpipe. (Now a halfpipe.)
  • Perfectly maintained rails and ramps.
  • Shapers try all obstacles to test their fitness.
  • No separate elevator at the fun park.
  • Mayrhofen: Vans Penken Park has a great reputation
  • Sconces and rails of different sizes.
  • Separate beginners section.
  • Half pipe.
  • 56 obstacles.
  • Fast elevator next to the fun park.

Fun parks in France.

Les Deux Alpes: International reputation with summer and winter courses


  • Fun park La Toura at an altitude of 2600 m.
  • Snow guaranteed
  • Two half pipes.
  • Sconces and rails from small to very large.
  • 30 obstacles.
  • Course for major international championships.


  • Best fun park in Europe in the summer.
  • Large fun park on the entire glacier.
  • Two half pipes.
  • Sconces and rails from small to very large.
  • 30 obstacles.

Avoriaz: unique Stash


  • First Ecological fun park in Europe
  • All obstacles made of natural materials.
  • Obstacles: wooden picnic tables, tree trunks and bridges.
  • Trail between trees.

The ‘normal’ fun park:

  • Half pipe.
  • Ramps and rails.
  • 75 obstacles: The Stash and the ‘normal’ fun park together.

Fun parks in Switzerland

Saas-Fee: Snow all year round. Summer and winter trails.


  • Half pipe.
  • Super pipe.
  • 29 obstacles.


  • Fun park on glacier: 3000 m altitude.
  • Half pipe.
  • Training area of international professionals

Laax: One of the most complete fun parks in Europe

The No Name Park

  • Superpipe:
  • Boxes.
  • Sconces.

Plaun Park:

  • Jumps of different levels,
  • Suitable for beginners.
  • The entire area has 50 obstacles in total.


  • Vorab glacier with smaller fun park.

Explanation of the Freestyle terms:


  • Rail: Metal tubes over which you can slide with skis or snowboard.
  • Halfpipe: Tube of snow in a crescent shape.
  • Superpipe: Large halfpipe with walls higher than 5 meters.
  • Box: plastic plates in the shape of a flat box over which you can slide with skis or snowboard.
  • Kicker: Snow ramp.
  • Jump: Snow ramp.


  • Spinning: Rotating around the longitudinal axis.
  • Rotate: Spin.
  • Sliding: Sliding with skis or snowboard over a box or rail.
  • Railing: Sliding.
  • Grabbing: Grabbing a snowboard or skis while performing a jump.

It is now clear why these parks were given the name fun park. Lots of fun.

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