Trödelmarkt, the German flea market

Trödelmarkt, the German counterpart of the Dutch flea market, but often many times larger. Anyone who enjoys strolling around, thinks Dutch flea markets are too expensive, has no problem getting up early, is good at negotiating and also speaks a fair word of German can certainly appreciate this flea market.

What is a Trödelmarkt?

A Trödelmarkt, also called Flohmarkt, is the flea market or flea market as we know it here in the Netherlands. All kinds of products are offered at a German Trödelmarkt. From kitsch to antique jewelry from grandma. Everything is often organized around or near a large shopping center. The lion’s share consists of exhibitors who lavishly decorate the image with their stalls. A smaller part of the Trödelmarkt consists of stalls where you can enjoy sausages, sweets and, in the winter months, hot dishes.

Trödelmarkt vs. Garage sale

In Germany almost everything is bigger, including the Trödelmarkt. So you won’t be disappointed if you find the right market. The difference is further noticeable during negotiation. German exhibitors are often more lenient, reasonable and you usually pay less for the product you are interested in.

Tips for negotiating

While strolling through the Trödelmarkt, you are bound to see something that you really want to get your hands on. A smart, thoughtful approach to negotiating can significantly increase your chances of getting the good deal. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Start with a lower amount than you would actually pay for it
  • As a buyer you stand your ground
  • do not hesitate
  • Be friendly
  • Do not open a wallet that clearly contains a lot of money.
  • Pay immediately after agreement. Other interested parties can bid higher and steal the product from right in front of you
  • Keep a maximum amount in mind and do not exceed it

Visit Trödelmarkt

Be there early! German Trödelmarkts usually start earlier, so you should be there early to get the most beautiful items. In the summer months you will find Trödelmarkts every weekend in various German towns. There are websites on the internet that provide a clear overview of all markets in the German states. You can of course also consult the local newspaper. A few days before the market, signs will be placed along the side of the road indicating where and when the Trödelmarkt will be held. In the winter months you will find the Trödelmarkts mainly covered in large halls. Fell Trödelspass!

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