Münster a historic city in Germany

A day out to Münster is a visit to a German city with a rich history and plenty of shopping opportunities. Münster can be reached in just under an hour from Enschede. There are centuries-old buildings in the historic city center. Münster Cathedral is definitely worth a visit. The city also has plenty of shops for a day of shopping. In summer, a visit to the historic center can be easily combined with the natural environment. The city is approximately 200 kilometers from Utrecht.

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The city of Münster

Münster is a medium-sized German city with approximately 270,000 inhabitants. The city is known for its historic buildings and the oldest university in Germany. Münster is located in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The city originally emerged from a monastery dating from the year 800. The city is also known for its heyday during the Hanseatic era. Münster has faced its share of disasters throughout its history. For example, several city fires raged in the 12th and 14th centuries. The city was also hit hard by the plague in 1382. Münster is a city with a rich history and this is clearly visible everywhere. There are plenty of sights to see in the city.


In addition to a wide range of shops, Münster has a number of sights that are worth a visit. The big advantage is that many sights are easily walkable.

Münster Cathedral

During your visit to Münster, a visit to the Münster Cathedral should not be missed. The cathedral, or actually St. Paul’s cathedral, was built in the year 1225. The structure was built and completed in approximately 39 years. The building is clearly visible from a distance. In addition, the cathedral consists of different architectural styles. A visit inside the cathedral is also worthwhile. The building is beautifully decorated and there are graceful and impressive elements everywhere. The astronomical clock in the church is also recommended.

The Town Hall

Münster’s town hall is also worth a visit. The building dates from the 14th century and mainly has a Gothic architectural style. The Peace of Münster was signed in the town hall in 1648 by, among others, the Netherlands and Spain.


There are several shops in the center of Münster. There are clothing stores, department stores, jewelers, specialist shops and much more. What is striking about the center is the range of chic shops, but there are also plenty of shops with a wide range of items for everyone. Westphalian Wilhelms University in Münster / Source: Hpgruesen, Pixabay

Building style

A large part of the buildings in the city center are of a historic nature. This gives the city center of Münster a historic appearance. Church towers rise above the ground in various places in the city, which gives you even more the feeling that you have taken a few steps back in time. In addition to historic buildings, there are also some modern architectural styles in the city center. A number of buildings fit perfectly into the historic city center, but there are also buildings that look out of place. However, these types of buildings do not predominate in the center. Münster has several restaurants / Source: Neshom, Pixabay

Food and drink

There are also plenty of opportunities for a snack and a drink in the city. There is a choice of various restaurants, but there are also plenty of eateries where you can enjoy a sandwich. Lovers of greasy food have also been catered for, as there are plenty of options in Münster.


The city is easily accessible from the Netherlands by car, in Germany the direction to Münster is already indicated in many places. There are sufficient parking facilities in and around the historic center of Münster. The parking facilities are already indicated when approaching the center. There is a choice of various parking spaces around the historic center, both covered and outdoors. If you come to Münster by car, an environmental sticker is mandatory.

Historic city with charisma in Germany

Münster is certainly suitable for a day out. It is a bit of a drive but it is more than worth it. The special thing about the city is that it has largely managed to retain its historic appearance. The chain stores in the city center also fit in well with the historic city. There are also plenty of sights in the city, all within walking distance.

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