The City of Angels, get to know Los Angeles

When we talk about Los Angeles, we naturally quickly think of the gigantic film industry built around the evocative Hollywood Hills, the exclusive residence of the super-rich in Beverly Hills, or the red bikinis of the lifeguards under the palm trees. on the pearly white beaches of Santa Monica or Malibu. This is indeed Los Angeles, but there is much more beautiful about this gem along the West Coast of the United States. LA, as the city is often called for short, is the largest city in the state of California and also the second largest city in the United States. It is a vast metropolis that has various economic and ethnic diversities, which makes it pleasant to walk around the streets, and of course always with a camera in hand. After all, you just had to bump into a famous film or music star there. Los Angeles, the city of Angels, has a total area of just over 1200 km² and has just under 4 million inhabitants. Half of them consist of Latinos and Hispanics, because the city borders quite close to the continent of Latin America.

Extremely combinable with a cruise trip

This beautiful region is also suitable for combining a few days on the mainland with a cruise to southern San Diego or Mexico. But the northern route is also very worthwhile. San Francisco, Seattle or along Vancouver, Canada. The unique nature parks of Vancouver Island are world famous and are definitely a must during any trip. The port of Los Angeles on the Bay of San Pedro is the best operating in the entire USA. It has a total area of 30km². It is a true center of various cruise ships of the West Coast. The port is also busy with container and freight ships that moor there. Sights near the San Pedro Port include the Maritime Museum and a World War II ship that is now open to the public and has been converted into a museum.

A walk along the red carpet

Of course, the film industry takes up most of Los Angeles’s sights. Beverly Hills, the mecca for the red carpet beau monde, is located at the foot of the Santa Monica Mountains and is the center of Hollywood. The city is the proud owner of several film studios. With a special sightseeing bus you can drive around the exclusive villas and country retreats of world-famous actors and actresses. The largest studio in the world is Universal Studios. During a visit you will pass by the different decors of the biggest stars of the white do. ET, Jurassic Park and various animated films saw the light of day here. It is also teeming with souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes. Of course, all beautifully decorated according to Hollywood standards. With images everywhere of the biggest stars the film world has ever known, such as Marilyn Monroe and James Dean, but also the younger generation with Julia Roberts and Al Paccino.

Hollywood Walk Of Fame

You absolutely cannot visit without walking the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, a legend along the sidewalk between Vine Street and Hollywood Boulevard. Celebrities from film, television or music will have their names immortalized on a square red stone. A few streets further there are also cement stones where a dozen celebrities leave a print of their hands and feet, along with a cool message, on the sidewalk. If you have a few free hours during your holiday, you might also want to take a look at the cemetery of the stars. The Westwood Memorial Park is the resting place of Marilyn Monroe, Roy Orbinson and Burt Lancaster, among others.

Coconuts on the beach

You’ve had enough of all that glitz and glamor for a while, then you can take a break on the various beautiful beaches that Los Angeles has to offer. Santa Monica with its beautiful pier, Venice with a gigantic boulevard, Huntington Beach and Malibu are the main ones. But 1000 Steps Beach, a magnificent white sandy beach, is also worth a visit. The name refers to the number of steps you have to take before you reach paradise. According to legends, because in reality there are only 227. If you don’t just want sand and beach, Griffith Park is also recommended. The park spreads over an area of just under 20 km². You can admire a beautiful Greek Amphitheater and the LA Zoo, one of the most beautiful zoos in the world with more than 1,500 animals. You simply must see the chimpanzee pavilion. On the western part are the famous white Hollywood letters (the Hollywood sign) on Mount Lee.

An architectural masterpiece is undoubtedly the Watts Towers.

An Italian immigrant spent more than 30 years building it. But the result is impressive. The nine towers are handmade and all have a different length. Catching a top NBA match in the evening is also one of the options during your stay. Basketball clubs LA Lakers and LA Clippers have their stadium here. In addition to their wonderful sporting achievements, the cheerleaders certainly provide a unique experience at the start of each match.

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